Kindergarten Readiness Screening

Alleviate your concerns about your child’s readiness for kindergarten. Have your child screened for readiness (with or without a school observation).

Ages 4 1/2* to 6

In-Office Screening

Have your child evaluated for the skills, knowledge and abilities needed for a successful start in kindergarten. Screening includes your child meeting with an educational specialist for 1-1.25 hours to evaluate:

  • Academic tasks
  • General knowledge
  • Processing skills that assist your child in learning

At the end of the screening, you will receive a recommendation on whether or not your child is ready for kindergarten. You will also receive a report on key areas that may need additional development.

Call for cost of screening.

In-Office Screening + School Observation

If social and behavioral issues are of top concern, observing your child in his current learning environment is the best way to determine readiness.  School observation is offered in combination with our in-office screening.

Your child must be 4 1/2 years old during the spring and summer before his kindergarten year.

This service includes a 1-1.25 hour meeting with your child, a written report and a 30-45 minute parent debrief meeting.

In addition to the services included with the in-office screening, this service includes a 1-hour observation, drive time to your child’s school (10-15 minute drive time) and a written report.

Note: This service is not as appropriate for children who have an Individualized Education Plan or a diagnosed disability. In this case, a more extensive evaluation may be recommended to determine current ability levels and an appropriate action plan.