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Specialized Tutoring

Traditional methods of tutoring are often ineffective for students who are struggling in more than one or two subjects.

About Tutoring at CHC

Educational specialists at Children’s Health Council provide specialized tutoring that:

  • Helps non-traditional learners amplify strengths and mitigate weaknesses.
  • Increases a student’s confidence and joy for learning.
  • Builds core academic and learning skills.
  • Develops resiliency, strong self-esteem, self-awareness and self-advocacy skills.
  • Integrates assistive technology solutions to help students mitigate weaknesses.
  • Addresses learning needs for students with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Takes into account and works with a student’s underlying learning processes including:
    • Attention, awareness and concentration
    • Working memory
    • Sequencing
    • Executive functioning (organization and planning)
    • Organization of language
    • Critical thinking and problem solving

Educational specialists also understand the way in which anxiety, depression, ADHD and social skill deficits impact a student’s ability to learn.  They coordinate and integrate the skills and strategies students are learning from other specialists into their tutoring sessions.  Read more about Our Approach to integrated care.

Tutoring sessions include:

Tutoring in Core Academic Skills

When students have difficulty learning, they’re often missing foundational skills in the 3 Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic.  At first their lack of skills may cause discouragement, but as missed learning opportunities accumulate and academic expectations increase, insufficient competence in one of the 3 Rs can become crippling to academic success in every subject.  Through evidence-based practices, our educational specialists revisit concepts that your student did not master to create a solid foundation of proficiency in core academic skills.

Coaching in Executive Functioning Skills and Learning Skills and Strategies

Students who struggle in school are often missing the skills and strategies to learn, plan, organize, take notes and analyze. Our educational specialists offer explicit instruction and coaching to develop these skills.  Our occupational therapists further work with students to help them turn these skills and strategies into daily routine habits.

Teaching Resiliency

Students who face difficulty with learning are prone to feeling they aren’t as smart or as capable as their peers.  Consequently, they are vulnerable to giving up in the face of constant setbacks and feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

In addition to mastering core academics skills and strategies for learning, non-traditional learners need to believe in themselves, understand what they need, know how to ask for it and be resilient when they face setbacks.  Educational specialists at Children’s Health Council are sensitive to these needs and experienced with explicitly teaching the skills to be resilient.