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Philanthropic Impact

We’re here to help you
and your children.

From its founding, Children’s Health Council (CHC) has sought to improve the lives of children and families in our community. We help our community’s children who have learning differences by removing barriers to their education, such as language, location, or cost. We help our community’s families by providing them with parent education about their children’s learning differences, options for their children’s education, and specific services to help their children fulfill their potential.

Need for Our Services

CHC has helped over 100,000 families in our community, and the number of families who avail themselves of our services continues to grow apace with each year. Our two schools, Esther B. Clark School and Sand Hill School, serve over approximately 150 families by offering appropriate options for their children’s education. We also serve hundreds of parents and children in our Community Clinic and The Center.

Recently, CHC’s leadership and governing board determined that CHC’s mission should be broadened to include even more families and children in our community, so we have established satellite evaluation, counseling, parent education, and therapy services in the San Jose area (See more on our Moorpark Avenue facility), as well as in East Palo Alto and eastern Menlo Park, working with our partners the Ravenswood School District, Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula, and Eastside Prep.

Rationale for Philanthropic Giving to CHC

Individuals and institutions considering philanthropic gifts to CHC will find their gifts are managed prudently and used to improve the lives of many members of our community. Studies show that more and more children are being diagnosed with learning differences, so the need for our work with families and students increases proportionately. We use gifts entrusted to us by our donors to support the work of our teachers, clinicians, therapists, and specialists in our schools’ classrooms, our parent education classes, and our clinics’ individual and family therapy sessions.

Many of our donors will direct their gifts to student and family scholarships to enable all members of our community to benefit from CHC’s services, to one or more of our specialized programs, and to our efforts to work with more children and families. While most gifts we receive are used for annual operating purposes, we also receive gifts for our endowment and benefit from planned gifts. Recently, we have received several foundation grants to support our work in San Jose, East Palo Alto, and eastern Menlo Park. Of course, unrestricted giving supplies CHC with the ability to use donors’ gifts where the organizational need is greatest.

Philanthropic giving to CHC in FY 2014 totaled $2.1 million, which represented 15% of its total public support and revenue of $14.2 million. As of June 30, 2014, CHC’s total net assets equaled $39.6 million.

Philanthropic Impact at CHC

Purely and simply, philanthropic gifts to CHC change lives. Parents whom we have helped over the years tell us we have made their families whole again, enabled their children to thrive in educational and social settings, and armed them with tools to aid us in helping their children adapt to their learning differences.

Undaunted and emboldened by our success with individuals and families, we now seek to change the lives of the communities in which we work, one individual and one family at a time. Our goal is ambitious, but our resolve is firm.

Please consider applying your philanthropy to CHC to join us changing lives and improving communities.

Words from Our Clients, Donors and Volunteers

These genuine remarks from those we help, those who guide us and those who support us show how your investment can truly make a difference.

“Each child in need represents a life which deserves our support for his/her growth.” –CHC Donor
“I witnessed a young child approach the founding donor of Sand Hill School with the most heart-felt thank you I have ever heard. Through her tears, she talked about how much the school has meant to her and how she didn’t know what she would do without it. There is nothing quite like the honesty and purity of a child – and there wasn’t a dry-eye to be found. The work that is being done here is so important and so meaningful to so many souls. These experiences, and many in between, allow me to rate this organization as the best of the best.” –Donor and former Board Member
“Our family is so grateful for Children’s Health Council! Our young son was struggling with depression and other mental health issues and no one seemed to know how to help him. He literally could not make it through a school day at our local elementary school. Every day, I waited to get “the call” from the principal that I needed to come get my son because he was unable to cope at school. The staff at CHC, and especially at EBC School, were there to support him and our whole family as we worked to get help for his very painful suffering. They never said “we don’t know what to do”. Instead, they said “we’ll help you find answers”. Today our son is a thriving senior at a local high school, looking forward to college! Thank you, CHC, for giving our son a new lease on life!” -Parent of former EBC School Student
“Their impressive staff and their flexible willingness to help is only one of the ways in which I think CHC is an important resource to the community beyond their specific clients. Their role both in training upcoming professionals in the field of LD and ADHD and in providing parent education is well known. I can’t say enough positive things about CHC. My husband and I donate to the organization and will continue to do so because of the unique combination of services and expertise that they provide.” –Donor
“When I was seven years old, I was in a serious car crash. I still remember vividly the weeks after when I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. I couldn’t get into cars and was paranoid about every type of vehicle or anything related to the crash. I will never forget the warm atmosphere that greeted me when I went to CHC for the first time and the experienced staff that knew exactly how a young child’s mind works. After months of feeling petrified without knowing why, CHC’s psychologists helped me come to terms with everything that happened in a way that I could process. I will forever be indebted to the people of CHC.” –Former CHC Client
“We’ve had a very positive experience with the Center with two of our children. The staff are marvelous. They are great with kids, great with parents and their reports are very complete and accessible. The reports are so fascinating, and we’re going to be happy to know more about our kids and their individual learning styles. We really appreciate how the team at CHC have been a tremendous help to us at a hard time.” –Parent of CHC Center Client
“Our daughter has attended Sand Hill School for the past year. She entered the school a depressed and stressed child but her self-esteem has been transformed. No longer does she immediately respond to each school problem by crumbling; she now says, “I may not get it yet, but I will get it soon.” She is now an advocate for her needs and no longer a victim of learned helplessness. We have also received amazing OT services at CHC. Thank you Sand Hill/CHC for giving our daughter a second chance at a happy school experience.” –Parent of Sand Hill School student
“I thought I would send a note to say how impressed I have been with the CHC Parent Education series. I have twin boys who are quite a handful with ADHD, social emotional issues, and cognitive issues. I signed up for two sessions in the “Success Factors” area and two sessions in the “Behavior” area. I was very pleased with the content provided and the quality of the presenters. Everything was so professional, from the online registration site and high quality marketing materials to the actual registration, facility, hands-on workshops, handouts, and presenters. I have already put some of the techniques into practice with good results. What a great reflection on the quality of your program and staff at CHC.” –Parent Education Class Attendee
“I have been a CHC Auxiliary Member for over 8 years. In addition, I volunteer as part of the Pet Assisted Therapy Program with my Golden Retriever. I have been privileged to interact with the teachers, clinicians, therapists and the wonderful children assisted by CHC. It is amazing to view the care, love and dedication offered to all CHC clients. It is so rewarding to have a first-hand opportunity to understand the value of care that CHC offers. Every smile and laugh coming from our CHC kids is worth every volunteer hour.” –CHC Auxiliary member and volunteer
“I have been involved and I have sat on many non-profit boards. CHC truly stands out in my experience. Donor dollars are used wisely and expenses are controlled so finances are used directly to maintain the expertise and serve the children. CHC is a well-run organization — the philosophies, vision and mission are felt in every decision made.” –Former Board Member
“Finding CHC opened doors of possibility for our daughter and literally brought light and hope back to our family. Nearly two years ago, we moved our daughter to Sand Hill School. Our family has a deeper sense of peace and our daughter loves learning again and believes in herself. We highly recommend both CHC and SHS to other families.” –Parent of Sand Hill School Student
“EBC has the most wonderful, kind, and skilled staff. I am so grateful for the work they have done with my son, who was unable to function at school until EBC. Their help has changed life for our entire family. We were finally able to take a family vacation together because my son is now doing so well.” –Parent of EBC School Student
“I have had the honor of being involved with CHC for the past 25 years- as a user of their wonderful services, a staff clinician, a volunteer, and now a Board member. The range and depth of services and the clinical expertise of the staff combine to create a magical place. Nowhere on the Peninsula are children and their families better understood and helped. CHC is committed to finding the potential in every child and our community is a healthier, happier place because of their wonderful work.” –Former Client, Staff Member and Board Member
“We can finally breathe easy knowing our son is among people who understand him, who can help him, and who genuinely care about him. On top of the top-notch care and education he is receiving at Sand Hill School, having the specialists at CHC to draw from has been so helpful and seamless – they have integrated his additional therapies right into his school program, making it so easy for us and him. They are 100% committed to helping kids like mine who don’t fit into a mainstream program, and work determinedly and effectively with the parents to help your child. We are so grateful to be working with them.” –Parent of Sand Hill School Student
“EBC School has transformed my son from an angry, scared boy to a more confident student. He has further to go on his journey, but I know his life and our family’s is and will be better because of the work he is doing at CHC/EBC. The staff are exceptional professionals who work as a team, a real team. It doesn’t get better.” –Parent of EBC School Student