Parent Education

“The instructors gave concrete suggestions I could use immediately.
Thanks for giving us hope.”

“If I learn just one idea, it’s of great value. Here I learned many.” 

Children’s Health Council (CHC) offers two semesters (fall/winter and winter/spring) of parent education classes for parents of young and school age children, as well as preteens and teens.  Classes are taught by our specialists and take place at Children’s Health Council.  Classes cover a range of topics for typically developing kids (e.g., Getting Your Child to Sleep and Managing Internet Use) and for kids facing specific problems (e.g., Disorganized & Distracted:  Helping Kids with ADHD Symptoms and Helping Your Worried Child Relax). 

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About CHC’s Parent Education Classes

Parent education classes are graciously underwritten by the TOSA Foundation which makes it possible to provide this outstanding service free of charge to the community. By request, we also offer parent education classes at your preferred location.

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