Frequently Asked Questions


  • May I call to ask a simple question about my child and what’s typical behavior or not?

    Absolutely!  Call 650.688.3625.

    What if my child's problem is just a phase?  Couldn't he grow out of it?

    The only way to answer this question is by talking to someone with expertise and experience.  Sometimes one appointment is all you need to relieve your concern.  We encourage parents to act early on their concern.

    I’m afraid to come to Children’s Health Council because I don’t want my child to think something is wrong with him. 
    It’s important to explain to your child that everyone faces problems and it’s natural to seek help.  We call the doctor when we’re sick, and we seek help from tutors and teachers when we need more help understanding a concept.  Children’s Health Council is a place where kids can learn skills to better manage the problem they are facing.  

    Do you see teens?
    Yes.  We serve kids from birth to 18+.  We also sometimes see young adults in their first few years of college when problems emerge.

    My teen refuses to go to counseling.  What can I do?
    The best thing you can do is seek counseling yourself in order to find ways to reach your teen.

    My child has already received an evaluation.  Do I have to go through an evaluation again in order to get help at Children’s Health Council?
    No.  If you’ve already had an evaluation done, we’ll work from that.  We’re here to help you with the next step no matter where you are in the process.

    Do you see children in the evening?
    Yes.  Our hours are from 8:00AM-9:00PM.


  • Will my insurance cover services provided by CHC?
    Health insurance is often available for our services.  Read more.

    May I come to Children’s Health Council if I don’t have insurance? 
    Yes.  We offer financial aid.  We are committed to helping families overcome financial barriers to getting their child the help he needs. 


  • What happens during an evaluation? 
    Please read What to Expect with an Evaluation.

    Why is the cost range so wide for an evaluation?  How is cost determined?
    Cost is based on how many professionals your child sees and the range of concerns you’d like addressed.

    My child gets nervous with strangers.  May I stay with him during the evaluation?
    We make every effort to put your child at ease, and for children under five, it is often helpful to have you in the room. 

    Will I get to observe my child being evaluated?
    For children under eight, we may have you view your child from behind a one-way mirror.  For  children over eight, we recommend evaluation without a parent.


  • What happens in a skill building group?
    In groups, children between the ages of  2-10, learn to better interact with their peers.  With instruction, they learn to see their impact on others, get coaching on new behaviors and practice to integrate new skills.

    Groups for preteens and teens are designed to help teens confront and solve problems with their peers and with the guidance of leaders.

    See Group FAQs.


  • What languages do your professionals speak?
    Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Farsi