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Are You Dyslexia Aware? Take This Short Quiz to Find Out

children-studying-670663_640Dyslexic learners struggle in school and often do not receive the help they need due to a lack of educator and parental awareness. In order to reverse the negative academic trajectory these students often face, awareness is a crucial first step in helping learners get the help they need.

How much do you know about dyslexia? Test your knowledge. . . Are the following statements true or false:

1. Dyslexia is a disease.
2. Dyslexia can be cured.
3. Dyslexic individuals can acquire reading and literacy skills at any age.
4. Dyslexic individuals have a limited capacity for learning.
5. Writing words and numbers backwards is an early sign of dyslexia.
6. Dyslexia is often associated with difficulty in solving problems.
7. Dyslexia is hereditary.
8. There are upsides to dyslexia.
9. At its core, dyslexia is a disability associated with vision problems.
10. Dyslexic learners are protected by federal law.

Find the answers to the above commonly held beliefs about dyslexia here by taking the 10-question quiz on eSchoolNews online.

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