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Stanford Education Data Archive [web resource]

boy in class-1126140_640The Stanford Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA) is a research center that was created in 2009  to improve K-12 education by bringing together scholars from across the university to tackle some of the most enduring and pressing issues in education policy.

The Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA), an initiative under CEPA, is aimed at harnessing data to help scholars, policymakers, educators, and parents learn how to improve educational opportunity for all children.

SEDA includes a range of detailed data on educational conditions, contexts, and outcomes in school districts and counties across the United States. It includes measures of academic achievement and achievement gaps for school districts and counties, as well as district-level measures of racial and socioeconomic composition, racial and socioeconomic segregation patterns, and other features of the schooling system.

The data are publicly available so that anyone can obtain detailed information about American schools, communities, and student success.

The currently available data include district and county level average achievement (for all students and by race/ethnicity), district and county level racial/ethnic achievement gaps, and district level demographic/socioeconomic data. SEDA also provides access to articles, maps, and papers using SEDA data.

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