Teen Mental Health Initiative

Teen Mental Health Initiative

CHC is leveraging our skills, expertise, and relationships to create a web of mental health support for teens, their families and the community.

The Initiative’s Goals:

  • Remove stigma
  • Increase awareness
  • Connect those in need to those who can help
  • Reduce teen suicide

In order to deliver on these goals, CHC will engage in three specific types of actions:

1. Convening

Engage and mobilize the community to leverage our collective strengths for teens

2. Education

Deliver a variety of mental health education options for parents, teens and educators

3. Therapy

Offer a broad range of affordable teen therapy options for mental health

CHC specializes in Anxiety & Depression, has a long track record of success with community education and therapy, and we’ve established strong community partnerships. Our agency is well poised to take a leadership role and make a real difference by launching the Teen Mental Health Initiative. Download a PDF version of the Teen Mental Health Initiative Overview.

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Teen Mental Health Q&A

The 3rd annual CHC Breakfast held on February 2, 2016 focused on the serious issue of teen anxiety and depression in our community and what we can do about it. Breakfast guests submitted numerous thoughtful questions about teen anxiety and depression. Under the direction of Dr. Ramsey Khasho, CHC staff members and other expert contributors have provided answers to those questions in a series of posts.
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