You & CHC: A Path to Hope

You & CHC: A Path to Hope

You have been the path to hope for thousands of families this past year. Your generosity provided mental health services and help for learning differences to 9,600 children, teens, and young adults this past year.

In 2020-2021, our call volume increased by 150% at the start of the year, but our resolve only strengthened, because the life-changing impact — the “aha” moments, the sigh of relief from parents and caretakers, the clarity of a plan to move forward — is why we are here.

On behalf of CHC and the thousands of families we serve in our community, thank you for reaffirming your belief in the promise and potential of every child.


Our Values


Strive towards excellence in everything we do


Empathy and action to gain trust, create connections and make lasting change


Impact through collaboration and partnership


A culture of inclusivity in the workplace and service delivery

Mission Statement

To transform young lives by providing culturally-responsive best-in-class services for learning differences and mental health to families from diverse backgrounds regardless of language, location or ability to pay.