Standing Side-by-Side with You

Standing Side-by-Side with You

Thank you to our 2020-2021 supporters. This list represents cumulative gifts of $100 and above received for the CHC annual fund and special events from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

When families in the community are faced with the emotional challenges of mental health and learning disabilities, and the financial hurdles that come with it, it profoundly affects all of us. There are so few organizations that offer the same comprehensive range of services, delivered with such a high level of integrity and expertise as CHC.

Catherine Harvey
CHC Board Vice Chair

Pioneer $100,000 & higher

Anonymous (1)

George and Linnea Roberts

Harvey Family

Charles and Helen Schwab

J Taylor and Suzanne Crandall

Cynthia and William Floyd

Michael Harris Foundation, Peter and Jan Harris

Leader $25,000-$99,999

Terry Blumenfeld

John and Elaine Chambers

Mary Jane Elmore

David and Angela Filo

David Fischer and Eimear Donaghy

Calla and Will Griffith

Elaine and Eric Hahn

The Jaffe Family

Jennifer Johnson

Marcia and Walter Kortschak

Melinda and Rick Osterloh

Gregory and Carrie Penner

Rebecca and Neil Robertson

Jesse and Mindy Rogers

Arnold and Barbara Silverman

Resonance Foundation for Children’s Health

Thaddeus and Dianne Taube

David Wollenberg

Visionary $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous (1)

James and Annie Barnett

Ann Carter

Gordon and Carolyn Davidson

Barbara Edwards

Glen and Janette Elliott

James and Roberta Gates

Mark and Betsy Gates

Merrilee Harris

Edward and Jacqueline Garcia

Julie Terrell Hooper and Bill Hooper

Jill and Evan Johnson

Franklin and Catherine Johnson

Cynthia Karakas

Robert and Nicole Keller

Bernard and Jere King

Steven and Michele Kirsch

Kimberly and Alex Klikoff

John Kriewall and Betsy Haehl

John Mozart

Franklin Orr, Jr. and Susan Packard Orr

William and Madeleen Rosetti

Mark and Mary Stevens

Champion $5,000-$9,999

Anonymous (2)

Steve and Maryan Ackley

Barbara Alhouse

Howard Bujtor

Anne Dauer

Gaurang Desai and Nancy Paxton

John and Judy Doyle

Tim and Melissa Draper

William H. Draper, III

Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie

Helen and Dick Elkus

Alyese and Kyle Enright

John and Laura Fisher

John and Marcia Goldman

Loren and Mike Gordon

Jay and Michaela Hoag

John and Jacque Jarve

Amy and Glen Kacher

Guy and Beth Kawasaki

Stephen and Amy Kwan

Ann Lewnes and Gregory Welch

Patrick and Nancy McGaraghan

David and Lianne Mintz

Renu Nanda and Sanj Goyle

Daniel and Mara O’Day

William and Marcia Pade

Jack, Linda, and Jamie Pearlstein

Nico Posner

Carley and Paul Rydberg

Quintilla Shott

Josh and Jenny Stein

Jeff and Jocelynn Staley

Theodore and Jennifer Ullyot

Rosalie Whitlock and Jim Wehrly

Wade and Brenda Woodson

Partner $1,000-$4,999

Anonymous (8)

Meredith Ackley

Daphne and Chris Alden

Laurence and Linda Baker

Douglas and Leslie Ballinger

Myles and Carol Berg

Annie Berlin

Mark and Jacqueline Berryman

Sterrin Bird

Terence and Nancy Boyle

Faith Braff

Michael and Sheila Brand

Mark and Elisabeth Brandin

Bruce Cabral and Kimberly Harney

Scott Carr and Marion Parr

Andy Chase

Christopher Peters and Naomi Chavez Peters

Ben and Lydia Choi

Lisa Chui

Ken and Caretha Coleman

Craig Dauchy and Sue Crawford

Yogen and Peggy Dalal

Lloyd and Pamela Davies

Ranae DeSantis

Caroline and Olivier Devaux

Matthew and Gretchen DiNapoli

Stefan and Wendy Dyckerhoff

Alan and Joan Earhart

Matvey Farber

Alan Anderson and Beth Frensilli

Monty and Judith Frost

Larry and Lulu Frye

Adam Klipple and Angela Fung

Gregory and Penny Gallo

Leo and Eva Gans

Theodore Geballe

Nancy Geschke

Erin Gillett

Perri and Gary Guthrie

Lea Hallert and Jeremy Korito

Jim and Marsha Hannay

Steve and Lorraine Heitel

Sally Hewlett

Jack and Anne Holloway

Joel and Susan Hyatt

Michael and Diana Irvin

Andrea and Robert Irvin

Kurt and Sue Jaggers

Edward and Stephanie Johnson

Carolyn Jones

Mike and Paige Kaplan

Jacqueline Keyser

Charles and Stephanie Knowles

Melissa and Joseph Kraus

Brian Kreischer and Sarah Maxwell

Joan Lane

Anne and Ken Lawler

Luisa Li

Stephen and Cecilia Lok

Norma Love

Robert and Connie Lurie

Edward and Carol Lyke

Shawn Mackenzie

Doug Mackenzie

Matt and Betsy Matteson

Tina McAdoo and Gordon Russell

James and Linda McGeever

Anthony and Linda Meier

Orlando and Valerie Montalvo

David and Lisa Mooring

Heather Mozart

Justin P. Mozart

John F. Mozart

Ashley Mozart Fey and Scott Fey

Vickie and Greg Mrva

Boyce and Peggy Nute

Tim and Ambrocia O’Rourke

Peter and Stephanie Oshman

Sandy Otellini

Felix Chan and Rachel Perlman

W. Jeffers and Mary Pickard

Roxanne and Byron Reeves

Jackie Reses and Matthew Apfel

Maeve and George Richard

Matthew and Brigid Roberts

W. Ferrell and Page Sanders

Rich and Rachele Schainker

Richard and Sally Slavin

Ariela and Mark St. Pierre

Bill and Jennifer Stasior

Isaac and Madeline Stein

Peter and Nora Stent

Marlene Tamayo and Kevin Tran

Brian and Abigail Trenchak

Andrew and Alice Valentine

Paul Vogel and Beth Seidenberg

Leonard and Jeanne Ware

Stuart and Kim Weinstein

Kevin and Stacia Wells

Fred Wiener and JoAnn Kukulus

Jon and Susan Wiley

Gary Wimmer

Elizabeth Wolf

Bruce and Ariel Wooley

Roger and Ruth Wu

Jessica Yan

Anna Zara and Bob English

The Zisman Family Foundation Inc.

Friend $100-$999

Anonymous (14)

Sufyan Abbasi

Anne Abela

R. Glenn and Lorna Affleck

Roya Afshar

Gina Agius

Victor Alam

Mark Ankenman and Amanda Edmonds

Marion Avery

Matthew and Kathryn Avery

Ahmad Bahai

Matthew Baker

Patrick and Penelope Barrett

Mark and Agnieszka Barycza

Burton and Sherry Berenstein

Douglas and Sandra Bergeron

Karen and Alessandro Bettucchi

Matthew Birdsell and Lizeth Alvarado-Birdsell

Cristina Bita

Richard and Gail Blach

Dawn Black

Louise Bohmann

Alexander Brainerd

Dianna H. Bravo

Thomas and Joan Brown

Thomas and Wally Brunner

Jennifer Bugnatto

Margaret A. Bugnatto

William H. Bull

John Bunnell

Kenneth Campbell

Stephanie Caparas

Susan Carey

Victor Carrion

Carla Carstens

Jonathan and Janine Carver

Laura Cashion and Michael Hunter

Angelo and Lori Castellucci

Julie and David Chandik

Lei Chen

Mintong Chen and Man Chiu Li

Serena Chen

Liang Cheng

Michael and Renee Child

Jack and Susan Choquette

Wali Ansary and Maria Chowdhury

Dean and Linda Clark

Patricia Clark

Birge and Prudence Clark

Kenneth Schroeder and Frances Codispoti

William Coggshall and Janet Littlefield

Arthur and Laura Cohen

Marc and Margaret Cohen

Stephen and Catherine Combs

Dr. Carolyn L. Compton

Mark and Pamela Cutkosky

Andrew Dahlkemper

Martha Deevy

Harry and Susan Dennis

Irwin and Glenda Derman

Murali and Priya Dharan

John and Gayle Dilley

Robert and Mary Dodge

Chrissy and John Dowdall

Marcel and Ligia Duran

Heather Whitlock and John Eames

Edward Goodstein and Francesca Eastman

Scott and Susan Edelman

Boris and Michele Efron

Charo Switalski and Paul Eisenman

Craig and Michelle Enanoria

Marie Encrantz

Thomas and Patricia Ferrando

Christina Ferrigno

Jeanne and Frank Fischer

David Fischer and Susan Bartalo

Dan Fish and Anne Huynh

Lydia Fitzpatrick

David Fleishhacker

G. Samuel Zucker and Jennifer Foster

Jay and Joyce Friedrichs

Eloisa Fuentes

Susan Galel

John and Florine Galen

Nancy Gamble

Albert and Barbara Gelpi

Jeff and Jennifer Goldberg

Robin and Monica Graham

Bill Gray and Kathy Hibbs

Mohit Gupta

Jerry and Mary Ham

Scott Hanson

Harry and Susan Hartzell

Marion Hauser

Tom and Dana Hayse

Gary and Patricia Hedden

Amber Henninger

Alan Herzig and Jeanne Wohlers

Caroline Hicks

Baoqing Huang

David Hubbard

Mark and Susan Jackson

Ram Janakiraman

Ann B. Jeffries

Rachel Kalin

Daniel and Rosemary Kaplan

David and Maureen Kennedy

Ramsey Khasho and Monique Shamun-Khasho

Mary Kilcline

Rosa Kim

Brian and Melanie Kirksey

Bonnie Kobayashi

Audrey Kocmond

Bradford and Lauren Koenig

John and Lisa Kohler

Sara Kole and Michael Batek

Soham Koradia

Jennie Koski

Igor and Elena Kounitski

Kelly Kruse

Sophie Le Guen

Clarissa Lee

Felix and Kimberly Lee

Tricia Lehmann

Matt Lemos

Rob and Lucinda Lenicheck

Linda Lenior and John Vorce

Andrew and Nancy Leonard

Grace Leung

Douglas and Virginia Levick

Edward Levine and Ikuko Ogihara

Richard Levitt

Tan Li

Lisa Lico

George and Ann Limbach

C. Michael and Claire Loftus

David Low and Dominique Lahaussois

Vaibhav Lunkad

Andrea Luskin and Andy Jeffrey

Marie-Elise and Robertus Lyman

Victor Abrash and Mary Mahon

Joseph and Noreen Maresca

Shirley Matteson

Susan E. Mayfield

Debra and Brant McCall

Thelma S. McCune

Jenifer McDonald

Scott Mcgaraghan

Nancy McGhee and Clayton Newman

Molly McShane

Shritama Menon

Muneerah Merchant

Lee and Kathy Merkle Raymond

Laine and Claudia Meyer

Jody and Sarah Miller

Michael Miller and Ronald Eastman

Steven and Sue Milwee

Rosemarie Mitchell

William and Jan Mitchell

Cynthia Montagnese

Karen Moos

Mark and Elizabeth Moragne

Kelly Morehead

Matthew and Gail Morey

Merrill and Alicia Newman

Maria Nguyen

James and Geri Nicholas

Vasily Nikolaev and Marina Masterova

Linda Norton

Craig and Delanie Norton

Marshall O’Neill

Michelle Olson

Jennifer Otanez

James and Maren Otieno

Karen Pace

Mary Pasquesi

Uptal Patel

Paul Perret and Mary Ann Hurlimann

William and Beverly Pharr

Madge Pizer

Elizabeth Plaschke

Nagendraprasad Ponnam

Klaus and Ellen Porzig

Charles and Barbara Preuss

Carter Quinby

Erik and Kendra Ragatz

Micaelia Randolph

William Reller

Emon and Diron Reynolds

Anthony and Joey Rich

Paul Ring

Michael Laine and Kim Roberts

Benjamin and Judith Roberts

Bernard and Shelley Ross

Alissa and Danny Rozansky

Corey Rubin

Tamara Russel and Steve Wastie

Dan Ryan

Kay Sabin

John and Catherine Salera

Shannon Sanders

James and Maureen Sansbury

Doris Coplen Santana

Bille Corinne Sarzin

M. D. Savoie

Robert and Ellen Sawyer

Dorothy Saxe

Neil and Evy Schiffman

Paul J. Schnitz

Myron and Barbara Scholes

Lawrence and Pamela Schwab

Jean E. Schwab

Edwin and Barbara Seipp

Justin Semion

Kassie and Lorin Sharp

Maureen G. Sheehan

David Steur and Barbara Shufro

Lauren and Prairie Sims

Steven and Lisa Sinclair

Roger and Elizabeth Sippl

Tom and Kimberly Smith

James P. Smith

Chen Song

Deepti Sriramagiri

Frank and Judith Stearns

Stacey Stillman

Kathleen Sulgit

Maureen Sullivan

Maeghan and Timothy Sweeney

Marjorie Swig

Bruce Jarvis and Laurie Tanen

Jay and Joan Thomas

Daniel Tickell

Lynore L. Tillim

Linh Truong

Neil Tuch

Japjit and Rebecca Tulsi

Mike and Ellen Turbow

Stephen Turner

Michele Turner

Paul and Nancy Valentine

Virginia Van Wagner

Reno and Anna Vella

Jennifer Wakefield

Emily Walling

Nicole Wdowiak

Steve and Francine Weiss

Stephanie Weiss

David and Shirley Welsh

Ms. Susan Whelan

Christopher Harris and Michele White

Rebecca and Chris Willrich

Sean Wilmarth

Lou Ann

Christine Witzel and Stephanie Hannaford

Jennifer Wolf

Angela Xu

Boqing Xue

Christopher and Anne Young

Sarah Yu

Derek and Lisa Zaba

Georgios Zamanakos

Dietmar and Hollyjean Zapf

Uta Zapf

Kun Zhang

Jessica Zucker

Jane Zuckert

Care has been taken to provide an accurate report of all gifts received. For corrections, please contact