A Year of Milestones

A Year of Milestones

Schwab Learning Center Opening

In September 2021, CHC opened the new Schwab Learning Center (SLC) to expand accessible evaluation, learning and mentoring services to high school and college students with ADHD and learning differences. In its first year, SLC demonstrated inspiring results with more than 500 registered clients. Among those served, 74% were financial aid recipients from their colleges and 37% were first-generation college students.

CHC Schwab Learning Center logo with photo of a young man working on a laptop
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RISE Intensive Outpatient Program 5th Anniversary

Five years ago, the RISE Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) began with six staff members. Today, the staffing has more than doubled with a team of 17. Since its inception, the program has impacted 171 teens with 71% of clients completing all 12-weeks of the program.

“I entered IOP exactly a month after I was released from a two-week hospital stay, and graduated about three and a half months later. I suffered from depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation/attempts. I look back at my experience in IOP now, and the progress I made to not only live, but to thrive as well. Ultimately, CHC’s IOP gave me the tools to live a life worth living.” —RISE IOP Alumnus

Sand Hill School 10th Anniversary

“My dream was to create a school where the teachers and clinical staff would work in sync to meet the needs of these unique and talented learners and where parents could find all of the resources they needed under one roof.” —Dr. Rosalie Whitlock, Former CEO of CHC

CHC’s Sand Hill School (SHS), a school for kids with language-based learning differences, opened its doors to seven bright young students in February 2011. Now serving approximately 80 students in grades 2-8 each year, SHS celebrated its 10th anniversary in May 2022. Thanks to generous CHC supporters, 50% of SHS students receive financial assistance–delivering on the agency’s commitment to equity and access.

Celebrating 10 Years of Learning. Sand Hill School
Photo of Rosalie Whitlock and Catherine T. Harvey with CHC Clinical Services banner in background

Naming of the Catherine T. Harvey Center for Clinical Services

After years of providing comprehensive and integrated services for children, teens and young adults, CHC clinical services celebrated its new division name: The Catherine T. Harvey Center for Clinical Services, in honor of longtime board member Catherine Harvey. An advocate for learning differences and mental health, Harvey’s fervent compassion for struggling adolescents in our community and deep desire to prevent youth suicide helped launch CHC’s Teen Mental Health Initiative in 2016.

“Catherine embodies everything that CHC’s Clinical Services division represents. Her service to CHC as a deeply committed Board member, strategic advisor and philanthropist has been transformative for our agency.” —Ramsey Khasho, PsyD, Chief Clinical Officer