Clark Legacy Circle

Clark Legacy Circle

Clark Legacy Circle Members

Paul and Wilhemina Achilles*

Barbara Alhouse,

Gladys Anenson*

Mary Baracchi*

Dorothy Bolton*

Dianne and Bill Bottoms

Barbara Brandt*

Helen Brophy*

James Edwin Brown*

Joan Bruce*

Maria Carter*

Robert and Shirley Cavigli

Elizabeth Chamberlain*

Robert and June Chambers*

Edward and Anne Clements*

Quintilla Curran

Anne Dauer

Nina Demmon

Irwin and Glenda Derman

Roanne Doll*

William and Helen Doolittle*

Bill and Phyllis Draper

Selina Drummond*

Richard and Helen Elkus, Jr.

Margaret Falk

Rolland and Fay Ferguson*

Ruth Fish*

Evelyn Flanary*

Howard and Anne Frame*

Earl Goddard*

Jean Halford

William Wilson Halford Jr.*

Jane Hansen

Elizabeth Henry*

Carol B. Hughes*

Warren T. Jensen*

Glenn and Mary Johnson

Cynthia Karakas

Mary Kennedy*

John and Suzanne Killea

John Kriewall and Betsy Haehl

Jean and Bill Lane

Patrick and Nancy McGaraghan

Mrs. James R. McNamara*

Mary Mills*

Bette Moorman*

John and Rebecca Nelson

Charles and Lois Nines*

Franklin Orr, Jr. and Susan Packard Or

Father David Pace*

Naomi Chavez Peters

Carol Phy*

Janice Pickels*

Joan Platt*

Karen and John Reis

Chuck and Jean Rigg

Carolyn Samuels*

Bille Corinne Sarzin

Betty Schink

Joyce Scholpp*

Maud Hill Schroll*

Slonaker Charitable Trust*

Isaac and Madeline Stein

Marguerite Szekely*

Tad and Dianne Taube

Jean and Richard Taylor*

Mary Thornton*

Mike and Ellen Turbow

Samuel Untermyer II*

Eleanor Winant*

Bernard Wolfe*