A New Training Program & Young Adult Therapy

A New Training Program & Young Adult Therapy

2022-2023 Addressed the Need for More Clinical Psychologists & Support for Teens & Young Adults

Inaugural Year of Ravenswood Partnership Training Program

With generous support from the Sand Hill Foundation, the Ravenswood Wellness Partnership (RWP) was formed in 2018 to work with community partners to increase access to culturally relevant and responsive mental health and wellness services for children and families in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven. In 2022-2023, with support from the Hearst Foundations and Sand Hill Foundation, RWP launched its Training Consortium Practicum Program in Psychology, with the first cohort of students graduating in July of 2023.

Photo of 3 students holding diplomas

We are proud to partner with outstanding organizations like Children’s Health Council to help ensure people of all backgrounds have an opportunity to build healthy, productive and inspired lives.

Paul "Dino" Dinovitz
Executive Director, Hearst Foundation

I can hardly express the depth of my gratitude for my time with CHC. It was an honor and privilege to serve this community, and I feel very fortunate to have had such strong training to back me in my efforts to support the amazing families of CHC.

Kurstyn Morley
Ravenswood Practicum Graduate
Photo of a young girl outdoors with a serious expression

Building Support for an Underestimated Life Transition

CHC increased services in 2022-2023 to young people up to 25 years of age with its young adult therapy. In the same year, 562 students registered for the Schwab Learning Center (SLC) at CHC and 33% were first-generation low-income students. SLC services were also expanded for high school students.

It was also a year of elevating teen and young adult voices. In May of 2023, the Leadership Collaborative, a quarterly convening of local organization and community leaders, hosted a panel talk, “Elevating Youth Voice: The Intersection of Culture and Mental Health.” Seven teens in the 11th and 12th grades representing different cultural backgrounds voiced their thoughts on mental health. And, in June 2023, CHC hosted a special live episode of Voices of Compassion podcast, “The Problem with Overcoming: Learning to Value Your Differences,” featuring young adults and their journeys with learning differences.

Through SLC, I now understand better that the way I operate may be different from the way other people do. It has been very validating and has also helped me to understand how I can move forward.

Schwab Learning Center Client
and first-generation college Student

I knew the statistics that learning disabled people were more likely to end up incarcerated, more likely to be homeless, more likely to have adverse life experiences. So I was like, statistically, this is what would happen [to me]. I was 11 and the world was ending…

Rachelle Johnson
Excerpt from CHC Voices of Compassion podcast, “The Problem with Overcoming: Learning to Value Your Differences”