Board & Ambassadors

Board & Ambassadors

Jere Brooks King headshot
Jere Brooks King
Chair, Board of Directors

For 70 years, CHC has been there for young people and their families who have come to us with challenging, sometimes heartbreaking, situations. 
I am so honored to work alongside our dedicated board members and ambassadors. Together, we will ensure that CHC continues to help our community for generations to come.

Board of Directors

Jere Brooks King

Catherine Harvey
Vice Chair

Maeve Richard
Vice Chair

Ben Choi

Mike Williams

Ryan Eisenberg, EdD
Chief Executive Officer

Maryan Ackley

Manisha Agrawal

Ali Chalak, CPA

Mary Jane (MJ) Elmore

Ranga Jayaraman

Perri Guthrie

Julie Terrell Hooper, MSW
Former Chair*

Mike Kaplan

Wendy Kinstler*

Anne Lawler

Edward (Ed) Levine, MD

James Lynch

Peter Oshman

Melinda Osterloh*

James Otieno

Shami Ravi

Maeve Richard

Gina Sudaria

Stephen S.P. Turner

*Term completed in FY23

CHC Ambassadors


The CHC Ambassadors are an esteemed group of friends and supporters who have played an important role in making CHC what it is today, some of whom have been with us since the early years of CHC.

We are deeply grateful for the Ambassadors who have shaped CHC’s future and have built lasting connections that have strengthened the CHC community.

This list comprises Ambassadors that have served up until June 30, 2023.

Barbara Alhouse

Leslie Ballinger

Carol J. Berg

John Buoymaster

Naomi Chavez Peters

Quin Curran

Anne O. Dauer

Susan Dorsey

Bill H. Draper

Elizabeth Dumanian

Dick J. Elkus

Bill S. Floyd

Lulu N. Frye

Mark T. Gates

Marcia Goldman

Betsy Haehl

Elaine C. Hahn

Elaine C. Hahn

Mary Harden Johnson

Jan Harris

Merrilee F. Harris

Cynthia N. Hockey

Susan Hyatt

Glenn M. Johnson

Robert A. Keller

Michele Kirsch

Marcia Kortschak

Laura B. Krane

John Kriewall

Bren P. Leisure

Betsy Matteson

Tina C. McAdoo

Pat J. McGaraghan

Anne K. Mellenthin

Lisa Mooring

Tashia F. Morgridge

James R. Otieno

Beckie B. Robertson

Barbara F. Silverman

Liz S. Sippl

Sheri Sobrato

Isaac Stein

Maddy J. Stein

Dianne Taube

Tad N. Taube

Nicole Tempest Keller

Andrew P. Valentine

Rosalie C. Whitlock

Lou Ann Winchell

David A. Wollenberg