Side-by-Side With You

Side-by-Side With You

Thank you to our 2022-2023 supporters. This list represents cumulative gifts of $100 and above received for the CHC annual fund and special events from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

“Thank you so much for everything! I am beyond relieved and thankful for the financial help. I honestly wouldn't have even known where to search had it not been for the help of the Children's Health Council.”

Grateful Parent
of CHC client

Leader $25,000 and higher

Terry Blumenfeld

Elaine and John Chambers

Heidi Hopper and Jeff Dean

Mary Jane Elmore

Bobbie and Jamie Gates

Elaine and Eric Hahn

Joanne and Art Hall

Jan and Peter Harris

Merrilee Harris

Catherine and Kevin Harvey

Julie Terrell Hooper and Bill Hooper

Eve and Ross Jaffe

Jere and Bernard King

Anne and Ken Lawler

Melinda and Rick Osterloh

Barbara and Arnold Silverman

Lisa and Matthew Sonsini

Dianne and Tad Taube

David Wollenberg

Visionary $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous (2)

Manisha Agrawal and Devesh Garg

Annie and James Barnett

Celeste and Wendell Birkhofer

Ben and Lydia Choi

Jackie and Mark Curtis

Carolyn and Gordon Davidson

Janette and Glen Elliott

Jenna and Jim Ellis

Jacqueline and Edward Garcia

Marcia and John Goldman

Jeannine Grech

Catherine and Christopher Green

Michaela and Jay Hoag

Paula R. Hurd

Jill and Evan Johnson

Amy and Glen Kacher

Beth and Guy Kawasaki

John Kriewall and Betsy Haehl

Shawn Mackenzie

John Mozart

Susan Packard Orr and Franklin Orr

Nancy Paxton and Gaurang Desai

Jack, Linda, and Jamie Pearlstein

Jennifer and Bill Stasior

Madeline and Isaac Stein

Mary and Mark Stevens

Elizabeth Wolf

Champion $5,000-$9,999


Maryan and Steve Ackley

Barbara Alhouse

Tracy and Tito Bianchi

Howard Bujtor

Ann Carter

Keith Doerge

Alyese and Kyle Enright

Toby Espinosa

Laura and John Fisher

Nanci and Gary Fredkin

Marcia and Jim Hannay

Jacque and John Jarve

Penelope and Brian Keifenheim

Marcia and Walter Kortschak

Laurie Lacob

Edward Levine and Ikuko Ogihara

Renu Nanda and Sanj Goyle

Peggy and Boyce Nute

Marcia and William Pade

Posner-Wallace Foundation

Carley and Paul Rydberg

Page and W. Ferrell Sanders

Barbara and Arnold Silverman

Sally and Richard Slavin

Jocelynn and Jeff Staley

Stephen Turner

Jennifer and Theodore Ullyot

Andrew and Alice Valentine

Diana Walsh

Katherine and Rick Wiechmann

Brenda and Wade Woodson

Partner $1,000-$4,999


Julie Aleman

David Bagshaw

Alicia and Scott Baker

Sybilla and Alex Balkanski

Carol and Myles Berg

Lori and Stephen Bouret

Carolyn and Stephen Bowsher

Richard and Sandy Boyce

Terence and Nancy Boyle

Faith Braff

Elisabeth and Mark Brandin

David Bulnes

Cindy and Barry Butler

Kimberly Harney and Bruce Cabral

Mary Rose and Luca Cafiero

Joan and K. Gordon Campbell

Victor Carrion

Laura Cashion and Michael Hunter

Diane and Robert Cassil

Ali Chalak

Susan and Jack Choquette

Lisa Chui

Frances Codispoti

Amy Flood and Neil Cohen

Amy and Jeffrey Crowe

Peggy and Yogen Dalal

Anne Dauer

Lucy and Michael de Anda

Allison and Byron B. Deeter

Ranae DeSantis

Kenneth Diekroeger

Keira Dooley

Maritza and Carlos Dortrait

Anne and Gerald Down

Liz Hoffman and Maurice Druzin

Lissa Dutton

Wendy and Stefan Dyckerhoff

Heather Whitlock and John Eames

Ryan and Sindy Eisenberg

Mara Falahee

Laura and John Foster

Beth Frensilli and Alan Anderson

Judith and Monty Frost

Angela Fung and Adam Klipple

Penny and Gregory Gallo

Eva and Leo Gans

Betsy and Mark Gates

Aude Gabory and Matthew Gentzkow

Theresa Carroll and Joel Gerard

Nancy and Charles Geschke

Jill and Geoffrey Parker

Cindy and Evan Goldberg

Monica and Robin Graham

Calla and Will Griffith

Lisa and George Gumpert

Perri and Gary Guthrie

Liz and Tom Hale

Deborah and Russ Hall

Lea Hallert and Jeremy Korito

Sufi Hariri

Kate and Adam Harris

Cherie and Mark Harris

Richard Harris and Jennifer Smith

Kim Harvey

Dana and Tom Hayse

Grant and Jeannette Heidrich

Lorraine and Steve Heitel

Mary Henry

Anne Holloway

Darren Hom

Joelle Horowitz

Nicolle and Dennis Hudachek

Andrea and Robert Irvin

Sue and Kurt Jaggers

Ranga Jayaraman

Stephanie and Edward Johnson

Tracy and Greg Johnson

Ken Jones

Tom Joyce

Seyonne Kang

Michael and Paige Kaplan

Olana Khan

Wendy and Brad Kinstler

Melissa and Joseph Kraus

Sarah Maxwell and Brian Kreischer

Luisa Li

Claire and C. Michael Loftus

Cecilia and Stephen Lok

Norma Love

Connie and Robert Lurie

Edward Lyke

James Lynch

Sheri Lytle

Elaine MacDonald

Anne-Marie and Joe MacRae

Emma Mann-Meginniss

Raheleh Mansoor

Marnie Marcin

Betsy and Matt Matteson

Gina Maya

Steve and Patty Mayer

Deborah Maynes

Nancy and Pat J. McGaraghan

Janice and Stephen Meisel

Muneerah Merchant and Nadir Hussain

Jennifer Miller

Hamid and Tina Moghadam

Marshall Mohr

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moley

Lisa and Geoff Montgomery

Lisa and David Mooring

Gail and Matthew Morey

Justin P. Mozart

Heather Mozart

John Forrest Mozart

Ashley Mozart Fey and Scott Fey

Melinda Muller

Stephanie and Nick Osborne

Peter and Stephanie Oshman

James and Maren Otieno

Carrie and Gregory Penner

Laura Phelps

Mary and W. Jeffers Pickard

Mary and Gary Pinkus

Amy Rao

Roxanne and Byron Reeves

Lindsey and Greg Alden

Melissa and Stephen Reller

Maeve and George Richard

Jenny and Gerald Risk

Kim Roberts and Michael Laine

Nicole and Amir Rubin

Bille Sarzin

Cynthia and Bruce Sewell

Danny and Lissa Shader

Owen Shaw

Lauren and Prairie Sims

Sue and John Sobrato

Ann Stevens

George and Elizabeth Still

Katie and John Storey

Nicole and Charles Taylor

Linda Ting

Kelli and Steffan Tomlinson

Cindy and Jeff Traum

Caroline Tsang

Agneta Turner

Mara and Rick Wallace

Linda Wang

Elizabeth and Jack Weingart

Kim and Stuart Weinstein

Stacia and Kevin Wells

Rosalie Whitlock and Jim Wehrly

JoAnn Kukulus and Fred Wiener

Gary Wimmer

Lou Ann and Blake Winchell

Christine Witzel and Stephanie Hannaford

Kimberly Young and John Moragne

Ute Zapf

Anna Zara and Bob English

Linda Gamble and Michael Zisman

Friend $100-$999


Heather Abbis

Suada Abdic

Janet and John Agius

Daphne and Chris Alden

Michelle and Brad Altick

Karan Amin

Donna Anderson

Abigail Andrews

Paige and Tony Arata

Lindsay and Matt Archer

Susan Arends

Tracey and Brian Avery

Freddy Avis

Megan and Philippe Bachmann

Martha and Thomas Bacon

Lucia and Joseph Baldwin

Shannon Bane

Lindsey Barnett

Lawrence Barnett

Connor Barnett

Penelope and Patrick Barrett

Kathy and Frank Bartaldo

Clare Bergman

Jacqueline and Mark Berryman

Filomena Bettencourt

Karen and Alessandro Bettucchi

Lizeth Alvarado-Birdsell and Matthew Birdsell

Elizabeth and William Blair

Nancy and James Blake

Kimberly Blears

Carly Blumenfeld

Mark Bolling

Maria Bonavia

Diane and Bill Bottoms

Peter Bouret

Matthew Bouret

Susan and John Bourgeois

Travis Boyce

Alexander Brainerd

Lavinia Branden

Diane Brandt

Ana and Thomas McMahon

Dianna H. Bravo

Debbie Bregante

Lisa Bregante

Kerry Brown

Stephanie Brown

Wally and Thomas Brunner

Jennifer Bugnatto

Jeremy Bulow

John Bunnell

Stacy Burnett

Timothy Burns

John Burns

Jodi Buyyounouski

Kenneth and Phyllis Buyyounouski

Susan Carey

F D. Carr

David Carr Jr.

Marjorie Casison and Carlo Laurel

Alicia Cha Umphreys

Sarah Chai

Julie and David Chandik

Madhavi Chandrashekar

Polly Chang

Tiffany Chao

Naomi Chavez Peters and Christopher Peters

Weibing Chen

Renee and Michael Child

James Chung

Barbara and Radford Clanton

Laurie Hodgen and Malcolm Clark

Julie Clugage

Sue Ann Clugage

Ms. Kelley Clugage

Charlene Cogan

Janet Littlefield and William Coggshall

Laura and Arthur Cohen

Ilene and Harvey Cohen

Catherine and Stephen Combs

John Comer

Dr. Carolyn L. Compton

Sarah and Robert Conlon

Eman Copty

Jodie Craig

Laura Cunningham

Kathleen Cunningham

Alex Curtis

Melinda Cuthbert

Pamela and Mark Cutkosky

Bilas Datta

Kristin and Gordon Dean

Susan and Harry Dennis

Inger Dewey-Golob and David Golob

Priya and Murali Dharan

Beach Dickey

Carrie Diller

John and Gayle Dilley

Samantha and Brian Dinsmore

Elizabeth Dobbin

Kathleen Doerr

Diana Church and Steve Dohrmann

Kristoffer Donhowe

Rhea and Travis Donley

Abbie Dorosin and Dan Rich

Mary Beth and Christopher Linzmeier Dorst

Chrissy and John Dowdall

Katherine Drumheller

Wynne Dubovoy

Gavin Duggan

McKenna Duley

Phillip Dye

Susan and Scott Edelman

Julie Edwards

Robert Eisenberg

Susan Elgee

Ashlie J. Emmett and Grant Lipman

Michelle and Craig Enanoria

Violeta and Andrew Enanoria

Michael Enenbach

Ashley Evans

Katherine Evans

Joyce Farnsworth

Miguel Feldens

Nick Ferdon

Elizabeth Fiddaman

Margaret Ann and Donald Fidler

Jen Finato

Jeanne and Frank Fischer

Susan Bartalo and David Fischer

Deborah and Alexander Fitz

Mitch Flack

David Flink

Josephine Flores

Sean and Susan Foley

Nanette Freedland

Stephanie Frick

Stephanie and Michael Friduss

Joyce and Jay Friedrichs

Zara Fritts

Susan Galel

Jennifer Gallo and Casey Fanko

Nancy Gamble

Julia and Cleveland Gee

Chase Gertsch

Jody and Rhonda Gessow

Jamie D. Giannotti

Matthew N. Glickman

Jennifer and Jeff Goldberg

Audrey Gompf

Arlene Gonsalves

John Gonzalez

Carol Gottlieb

Matthew Goudeau

Mallory Graffeo

Kathy Hibbs and Bill Gray

Victoria and Charlie Grima

Marel Grunt

Brock Grunt

Irina Guseva

Marcie Habell

Tamara Haire and Craig Smith

Riley Hall


Jill and John Harris

Bryan Harris

Susan and Harry Hartzell

Marion Hauser

Raymond Hayes

Charlie Hazlehurst

Barbara Ann Hazlett

Patricia and Gary Hedden

Patricia Heimlich

Kyle Henning

David Henningsen

Caroline Hicks

Sabrina Hodgett

Tish Hoehl

Linda and Myron Hollister

Joe Holmes

Pengda Huang

Chip Huggins

Laddie and Donald Hughes

Susan Hyatt

Lauren Ing

Prathyusha Inuganti

Lydia Janac

Ram Janakiraman

Sanaz Jansen

Lisa Jaye

Jay Jennings

Emil and Larsen Jensen

Mary and Glenn Johnson

Sarah and Clay Jones

Rachel Kalin

Rosemary and Daniel Kaplan

Tara Kaplinsky

Rochelle Karr

Steven Kay

Julia Keinan

Robert Kelley

Maureen and David Kennedy

Lashonda Kennedy

Katherine and David Ketsdever

Jacqueline Keyser

Leena Khanzode

Ramsey Khasho and Monique Shamun-Khasho

Kyu H Kim

Hyungjun Kim

Sarah Kiner

Michele and Steve Kirsch

Diane and Ken Kneis

Linda and John Knoll

Lisa and John Kohler

Jennie Koski

Elena and Igor Kounitski

Lori and Wayne Krumrei

Sharad Kumar

Chia Wen Kuo

Teresa and William Kurfess

Patrick Lacey

Michele Lane

Corey Lanier

Katie Laurens and John Tucker Laurens

Margaret and John Lawrence

Jehyoung Lee

Dr. Sonne P. Lemke

Lucinda and Rob Lenicheck

Richard Levitt

Barry B. Lewis

Julian Lewis

Mary Lewis

Congcong Li

Tao Lin

Dane Lindstrom

Christine and Andrew Linn

Cristin Lis

Chien Liu

Leslie Lloyd

Qiuyun LLull

Manish Lohani

Rachel Anne Long

Cindy Lopez

Sarah and Jason Lowenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ludwick

Andrea Luskin and Andy Jeffrey

Scott Lynds

Zoe Mahony

Julia Mahterian

Mary Malneritch and Phil Dye

Michelle Wong and Paul Maloney

Annabel Mangold

Lisa Marke

Ricardo Marmol

Janetti Marotta

Janelle and Barry Martin

Renee and Kenny Martindale

Nicholas Martino

Ian Mason

Natalie Mason and Terry Kitagawa

Debra and Brant McCall

Jenifer McDonald

Lori and Angus McGilpin

Thomas and Hilary McMahon

Ana McMahon

Michael McMahon

Thomas McMahon Jr

Stephen Medina

Anne Mellenthin

Jan Mercer

Hameedah Merchant

Shelley Meyer

Joe & Leslie Meyer

Jan Mickan

Paul Mickan

Ann Miller

Michael Miller and Ronald Eastman

Marta and Scott Miller

Jan S. Mitchell

Jan and William Mitchell

Jeanne and Michael Moeschler

Jean and Chuck Moore

Mary Moore

Bernice and Rudolf Moos

David Mora

Elizabeth and Mark Moragne

Alex and Scott Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

Missy Morris

Madeline Frome and Ryan Morris

Kendrick Morris

Paul Morse

John Mosbacher

Riley Mulcahy

Nicholas Muller

Lynda Myers

Lisa Napoli

Brandy Navarro

Bryan Neider

Bryan Nelson

Julie and J.P. Nelson

Alicia and Merrill Newman

Blythe Nilsson

Allegra Noonan

Laura Ocallaghan

Spencer Offenberger

Young Seok Oh

Jeri Olson

Vandy Oreilly

Dennis Osmolovski

Jennifer Otanez

Elizabeth Ouren

Gabriela Ozer

William and Betsy Pace

Ali Pace

Megan Pacheco

Umesh and Madhavi Padval

Julia Parker

Todd Parker

Aman Patel

Chetal Patel

Elizabeth Patmont

Jennifer L. Pereira and Robert J. Pereira

Mary Ann Hurlimann and Paul Perret

Beverly and William Pharr

Elizabeth and Michael Phillips

Lucy Phillips

Samhita Pidaparti Swati

Rolanda Pierre Dixon

Melanie and Eric Piziali

Mallory and  Kevin Platshon

Scott Platshon

Denise Clark Pope

Tim Prey

Russell and Helen Pyne

Wei Qi

Zeping Qiu

Carter Quinby

Nancy Quinlan

Annie Racine

Ashwin Raghav

Jyoti Ramnath

Micaelia Randolph

Chethan Rao

Barbara Ann Alford and William Rash

Sharmila Ravi

Julee and Jim Rees

William Reller

Janis Richmond

Vivian Ritondale Ferdon

Judith and Benjamin Roberts

Pamela Roberts

Sally and John Robinson

Laurel and Matthew Robinson

Sarah Robustelli

Aaron Rosales

Jake Rosenfield

Heather and Roberto Rosenkranz

Corey Rubin

Robert Runkel

Tamara Russel and Steve Wastie

Dan Ryan

Jake Ryan

Kay Sabin

Bhanu Sadasivan and Philip Chang

Catherine and John Salera

Amy and Bill Salisbury

Maureen and James Sansbury

Ricardo Santamaria

Julie Savill

Ellen and Robert Sawyer

Lauren Schoenthaler

Barbara and Myron Scholes

Jan Schreiber

Pamela and Lawrence Schwab

Jean E. Schwab

Morgan Schwanke

Lizabeth Sears

Barbara and Edwin Seipp

Patrick Selmi

Justin Semion

Hilarie Sexton

Trevor Shaffer

Alyssa Shamus

Anjana Shankar

Ann Sharon

Minghui Shi

Robin and Arthur Shinagawa

Irina Shmagin

Leigh Flesher

Alan Smith

Kelly Sprinkle

Jim Stern

Kathryn Stivers

Joellen Stoffel

Han Liang Su

Diana Sunshine

Robin Sutterfield

Maeghan and Timothy Sweeney

Nancy Symanski

Laurie Tanen and Bruce Jarvis

Maristella and Brian Tapia

Kevin Tazalla

Heather Tazalla

Susan Jaeger

Barb and Lee Thomas

Joan and Jay Thomas

Jessica Thomas

Candice Thompson

Sara and Michael Ting

Howard Toboco

Marisol and Zach Trailer

Felix Tran

Chauntelle and Joseph Trefz

Laurey Treiger

Elizabeth Werter and Henry Trevor

Ellen and Myron Turbow

Kelly and Thomas Umberg

Debbie and Steve Umphreys

Katy Garnier and Jay Van Buren

Anna and Reno Vella

Susan VerHaar

Christina Vidal

Maria Vogel

Jennifer Walker

Ying Wang

Stan Wang

Rachel Warner

Neda and Kris Weems

Pamela and Scott Weiss

Karen Weiss

Debra and Zvi Weiss

Kelly Wells

Timothy Wesley

Oliver Wesson

Connie and James West

Erika White

Susan and Jon Wiley

Judith and Lawrence William

Jennifer Williams

Sean Wilmarth

Ginger Wilson

Sheila and Mark Wolfson

Michael Wong

Corina and Christopher Wong

Jane and Graham Woodall

Laure Woods

Ariel and Bruce Wooley

Lisa World

Tyler Wozny

Lexie Yacoel

Noymi and Aleksander Yam

Yuen Kwan Yan

Rona Yang

Laura Yecies

Suzanne Yonkers

Rebecca Young

Kuang Yung Yu

Qiao Yu-Tsui and William Tsui

Hongfu Zhang

Jia Zheng

Jane Zuckert

Care has been taken to provide an accurate report of all gifts received. For corrections, please contact