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California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to Disseminate CA Dyslexia Guidelines to All Educator Prep Programs

January 14, 2020, News

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing commissioners will distribute the California Dyslexia Guidelines across the full spectrum of educator preparation programs in California including teacher preparation, induction, administrator preparation, and pupil personnel services programs.

The Commission adopted five approaches for addressing the California Dyslexia Guidelines within Educator Preparation. By spring 2020:

  1. Preliminary teacher preparation programs would introduce the Guidelines during preparation coursework and fieldwork. Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) would address struggling readers including those with dyslexia.
  2. Teacher induction programs would provide the Guidelines to candidates and mentors to support their use, as needed.
  3. Preliminary administrative services programs and pupil personnel services programs would make their candidates aware of the Guidelines and emphasize how their new job role(s) relate to the identification of dyslexia as well as the need for supports and interventions.
  4. Clear administrative services programs would provide the Guidelines to new school administrators and guide coaches to support their use, as needed and as appropriate in the candidate’s assignment.
  5. Reading and Literacy Added Authorization and Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential programs would use the Guidelines as an integral part of their curriculum for candidates.

Assembly Bill 1369 required the California Department of Education to develop and publish guidelines for educators on the topic of dyslexia. The California Dyslexia Guidelines were published in 2017 and modified in December 2018.

The full text of this announcement is available on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website.

Source: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing | Dissemination of California Dyslexia Guidelines, https://www.ctc.ca.gov/docs/default-source/educator-prep/ps-alerts/2019/psa-19-11.pdf | public domain
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