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May 29, 2017, News

Speak Mindfully is a campaign that was created by the Teen Mental Health Committee with the goal of raising awareness, reducing stigma, and educating teens on how to speak mindfully to avoid language that undermines people’s valid experiences with mental illness.

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness month, the Teen Mental Health Committee is asking the community to take a pledge “to be mindful and respectful when using language related to mental health.” The committee hopes to collect 1000 pledges by June 15.

Learn more about CHC’s Teen Mental Health Initiative and the Speak Mindfully Campaign .


Why I Choose to Speak Mindfully — Claire

Why I Choose to Speak Mindfully — Gaya

CHC Teen Mental Health Initiative

About the Teen Mental Health Committee

Led by teens from various local high schools and mentored by Bridget McCormick, LMFT and CHC’s Anna Parnes, PhD and Christine Wang, MEd, the Teen Mental Health Committee is part of CHC’s Teen Mental Health Initiative.  This group works to:

  • Create a powerful forum for teen voice and action, including creating opportunities for teens to talk with teens from different high schools about their thoughts and experiences related to mental health
  • Empower teens to create positive change in their schools and communities related to mental health
  • Incorporate youth voice and gain teen input regarding CHC’s teen initiative ideas in order better target our programming to teens’ needs
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