DBT Applied Skills Group

Weekly DBT Applied Skills Group

for high school age teens with previous DBT skills training

This group is designed for high school age teens who have previously completed DBT skills training, and are now looking for a group to support them in practicing and applying these skills to real-life situations. The goal of the group is to support teens in applying the DBT skills effectively to regulate their emotions and behaviors, enhance mood, improve relationships, and engage in effective problem solving and communication. Facilitated by Melina Foden, PsyD.

Tuesdays | 5:00-6:00 PT | @ CHC Palo Alto, 650 Clark Way
4 Weeks | $380

If you are already being seen at CHC, please ask your therapist about joining the group. If not, speak with a CHC DBT Care Coordinator. Book a 15-min consultation or call or email a Care Coordinator: 650.688.3625 or careteam@chconline.org. Financial assistance is available.

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