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Who We Serve

When you’re concerned about your child or teen, it can feel overwhelming. CHC’s experts can help. With consultations, multidisciplinary evaluations, individualized therapy and personalized programs, we work together to address every child’s unique challenges and needs. We serve children, teens and young adults and provide excellent parent coaching. 

When Something Doesn’t Seem Right

Are you concerned about something specific, or just have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right? Are some things bothering you or your child or teen, or has their behavior changed lately? Some parents just want to talk to one of our experts and get advice about next steps, while others know exactly what kind of treatment they need. Please call us at 650.688.3625 and speak to one of our Care Coordinators who can arrange for a visit or consultation.

If You’re Worried, Don’t Wait.

We can help. We offer services in both English and Spanish and proudly accept Santa Clara Medi-Cal ensuring cost isn’t a barrier to getting help.


ADHD is very common. If your child is experiencing symptoms like the ones listed below and they’re interfering with school, home life or friendships, it could be time to speak to an expert. Kids with ADHD may:

  • Be easily distracted
  • Have a hard time paying attention
  • Act without thinking things through
  • Have trouble controlling behavior
  • Have trouble getting chores or homework completed

We can help with consultation, evaluation, therapy and coaching. The Glen Elliott ADHD Program is entirely devoted to working with kids with ADHD.

Learning Differences

About 20% of children in the US have a learning difference. That’s 1 in 5. See below for some common signs of LD. If this sounds like your child, or if you feel something’s not working at school, please call us for a consultation. Early intervention is essential. Kids with LD:

  • Learn differently
  • Are smart but may be having trouble at school
  • Might not have friends
  • Has trouble with spelling or remembering math facts
  • May avoid reading

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression can often accompany ADHD, LD or Autism. Stress and anxiety are the number one concerns of teens and their parents. Call us for a consultation or evaluation if you’re worried or if your child or teen:

  • Seems worried more than other kids
  • Seems sad or irritable much of the time
  • Can’t sleep
  • Doesn’t want to go to school
  • Is withdrawn


Autism affects about 1 in 68 children and can result in difficulties with social interaction and verbal and nonverbal communication. If your child had a late onset of talking or appears unaware of the feelings of others or becomes very upset with slight changes in routine, please come to see us. We also offer a wonderful program for families with a new diagnosis of Autism called ESPA, Early Support Program for Autism.


Contact our Care Coordinator Team who can speak with you in either English or Spanish. 650.688.3625 650.688.3650 Español

Please leave a message and a Care Coordinator will call you back within 24 hours. Our team is here to listen to your concerns, help match you with the best specialist and schedule your first appointment.