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Growing Up and Moving On: Esther B. Clark School Transition

Growing Up and Moving On

Esther B. Clark School Transition

In May, families, friends and staff of Esther B. Clark (EBC) School gathered to celebrate students graduating and moving on to new schools.

Students come to EBC most often from public school districts where they have not been able to thrive because of severe social and emotional challenges. Some students refuse to go to school at all, while others are unable to manage their behavior in the classroom or on the playground. Many of these students suffer from anxiety, depression or other emotional challenges that may have blocked their capacity to learn and make friends in school.

Head of School Chris Harris delivering inspiring words at the Esther B. Clark School Achievement Ceremony

Head of School Chris Harris delivering inspiring words at the Esther B. Clark School Achievement Ceremony

EBC helps students learn self-management and social awareness skills that allow them to feel confident about their ability to handle themselves appropriately in challenging academic and social settings. EBC’s therapeutic day school enables students to re-engage in learning and develop the positive behaviors necessary to transition back to a more traditional school environment. This year, with the opening of the second EBC campus in San Jose, EBC was able to serve over 100 students from over 59 school districts across the Bay Area—and a new group of students successfully transitioned this spring.

One student shared his powerful story during graduation:

“Three years ago, before I came to EBC, I could not face going to school in the morning and there were days where I could not even get out of bed. I was depressed and I made choices I regret. I felt like all was lost and I had no hope. Looking back, it seems hard to believe that I have come this far. Now that my EBC journey is coming to the end, I am looking towards a bright future. I start at a new school in the fall which I am very excited about. To all the students who have been in a similar situation I say never give up no matter how bad things are–because there is always hope.” —EBC Graduate

Congratulations to all of the EBC students who have worked so hard to manage their emotions in a positive way and become more self aware. Thank you to the teachers and staff who have helped them along the way.