Data Handling Policy for Microsoft 365

Children’s Health Council (CHC) uses Office 365 with a Business Associate Agreement and implemented security controls to meet compliance with its software productivity suite. For more information on data privacy regarding forms submitted through Microsoft Office 365, please visit the following link.

Please note that CHC provides a variety of services that may include/be designated as consultative, clinical, academic/educational, and non-clinical. Not all individuals who receive services from CHC are considered healthcare clients/patients. Please be advised that you (or another individual on your behalf or by referral) are not automatically considered a legal healthcare client of CHC by using and submitting information on any of our website forms. For more information on becoming a client please call (650) 688-3625 or contact us at

For more information about our Privacy Policy on how CHC collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users on its website, please visit our Privacy Policy on the following link.

For more information regarding the privacy rights of healthcare clients of CHC and how their protected health information may be used and disclosed, please visit the CHC Notice of Privacy Practices found on the following link.

Please note that as an alternative you may send/submit information to CHC on our confidential/secure fax line at any time at (650) 688-3636, or contact us at for any communication preferences.

For any questions regarding this policy, the practices or your dealings with this site, or any request to access, change, move or delete your personal data were applicable under federal or state laws – please contact us at

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Last updated: 11/2022