More kids

More Kids Initiative

Removing barriers to learning regardless of language, location, learning style or cost.

Here’s how we’re helping more kids have access to CHC:

1. Innovative programs

We’re offering innovative programs like The Glen Elliott ADHD Program, Early Support Program for Autism, Social Emotional Learning, Executive Functioning Coaching, Parent Coaching and Education and Teacher Education.

2. Bringing services closer

We’re bringing services closer to families in the South Bay and on the Peninsula.

3. More financial aid

We provide more financial aid, like Sand Hill School scholarships, and a sliding scale at The Center.

Thanks to valued donors, we have been able to impact close to 1,000,000 kids in our 60-plus year history. We are very excited (and we hope you will be too) about the serious effort we began in 2014 with partners in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park to bring services to even more kids in our community. We are calling this effort The Ravenswood Initiative for More Kids. This will mean more access to our innovative programs, bringing services closer to families who need us most and more financial aid.

We are asking for your support, understanding and contribution to this important work. Your dollars will make it possible for even more kids to be successful and reach their promise and potential. Please consider a gift today. Your investment will mean the world to these children and their grateful families.

Rosalie Whitlock

Many thanks for your generosity and I send my best.

Rosalie Whitlock, PhD
Executive Director, Children’s Health Council