Kids We Serve at EBC

The target population at EBC is public school students in grades K-10 who have primary special education eligibilities of Emotional Disturbance (ED), Other Health Impaired (OHI), Specific Learning Disability (SLD) and Autism (AUT) and have not been able to derive educational benefit from their previous school setting. All students are referred from their school district and EBC is currently working with close to 60 school districts across five counties. These students are at risk for being placed out of the home due to the severity of their social or emotional challenges. Some students have become chronically truant, refusing to go to school, while others are unable to manage themselves in the classroom or playground. Many of the students are suffering from anxiety, depression or other emotional or mood dysregulation disorders that have blocked their capacity to learn and/or maintain friendships.

Students served by EBC are intellectually capable of accessing academic material at their grade level but a majority of the students at EBC manifest some kind of specific learning challenge which prevents them from performing at grade level and to their own expectation. As a result of perceiving themselves unsuccessful at school, with learning, at making friends, managing their feelings, their teachers, the families and the students themselves feel they have hit an “immovable wall.” 

Profile of an Esther B. Clark School Student

All these students possess promise and potential and the ability to become resilient and successful individuals. They need a respite in a more personalized and less stressful setting. Under the dedicated expertise the EBC professionals and program provide, EBC students learn the skills of productive self-management and develop a new and more positive self-perception.