Esther B. Clark Schools Leadership

Chris Harris, Chief Schools Officer

Chris Harris, EBC Schools DirectorChris Harris is Chief Schools Officer at CHC. Chris has developed and implemented several specialized programs for children with learning, socio-emotional and attention challenges. He leads a strong group of highly trained specialists that include: Special Education Teachers, Trained Teaching Assistants, Licensed Therapists and Trained Behavior Specialists. EBC also has access to the many other specialists at CHC when needed: psychiatry, medication management, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, art therapy, animal-assisted therapy and crisis counselors. EBC staff members work in expert teams to ensure that students get the most personalized programming possible so they can re-discover their strengths and become socially, emotionally and academically ready to succeed again.

Jody M. Miller, EdD, Head of EBC Schools

Jody M. Miller, EBC Palo Alto Site DirectorDr. Jody Miller has been working with students in a school setting for past 12 years. Her first experience was as an Adapted Physical Education (APE) teacher for intellectually and physically disabled students. This experience was tremendously rewarding and set the foundation for Jody to continue working with students who struggle to participate in typical classroom settings. Since her time as an APE teacher, Jody has devoted much of her career to working with students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and other social/emotional challenges.

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