Success Stories

At Esther B. Clark Schools, we transform lives. Our skilled academic and clinical staff teach children in a caring, therapeutic day school setting where kids can re-engage in learning and develop positive behaviors. Our students possess the ability to become resilient and successful individuals, and we are proud of each and every one of them.

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Hear from our EBC families:

EBC has the most wonderful, kind, and skilled staff. I am so grateful for the work they have done with my son, who was unable to function at school until EBC. Their help has changed life for our entire family. We were finally able to take a family vacation together because my son is now doing so well.
— Parent of an EBC School Student

What our students are saying:

Having put about four or five years between me and EBC, I can confidently say that Esther B. Clark is an amazing program that absolutely changed my life. It helped me deal with my issues and become an infinitely better person. I am so glad I went through this program. Now, to be fair, it was hard. Insanely hard. But that’s not really the program’s fault. Overall, I have this program and the many staff working there to thank for who I am today. It’s an amazing program and I can’t sing the praises of it enough.
— EBC Program Graduate

Looking back EBC was a blast. I have come back to visit a few times. The lessons I learned there have actually helped me. I am now a US Marine and am doing well. I would recommend EBC to anyone who needs it.
— EBC Program Graduate