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What’s really going on?

Are your child’s difficulties at home and school caused by learning differences, ADHD, anxiety, depression or all of the above? Do social challenges indicate that your child is on the autism spectrum or are they just a typical delay in maturation? Often, an interplay of several issues overlaps and interferes with your child’s wellbeing, making it confusing and frustrating to figure out how to help. A child who is struggling in school, for example, will have limited success with academic tutoring if the root of the problem is actually undiagnosed inattention and/or anxiety issues.

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Why evaluate?

During a CHC evaluation, we really get to know the ins and outs of your child. An expert team of professionals works carefully with you and your child, talking and listening. Then the team collaborates and recommends a plan of action that works best for your family. All specialists on your team are in one building, so they can easily confer or speak with one another about your child.

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  • Is my concern warranted?

    Whether your child receives a clinical diagnosis or not, our specialists will offer coaching and strategies to manage behavioral or educational concerns.
  • What kind of help is right for my child?

    Avoid spending time and money on professional help before understanding the root causes at the core of your child’s issues. Then you can determine the best course of action.
  • Does my child need accommodations?

    Our independent evaluations are a first step to figuring out whether special services or accommodations at school are necessary for your child’s academic success.
  • What are the costs for evaluation?

    It is important to us that you receive the services you need. Find out about costs, sliding scale and financial aid arrangements.

Types of Evaluations

    • CHC Evaluation Model

      You’ll have a whole team of experts working together to make sure they understand your child. One plan. One report. Less confusion for the family.

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    • Psychological Evaluation

      Examines your child’s emotions, behavior and social skills. Results can inform positive coping strategies to reduce stress and enrich competence and well being.

    • Psychoeducational Evaluation

      Examines how your child learns, identifying strengths and challenges. Collaboration between mental health and learning specialists, and may involve an occupational therapist or speech/language pathologist.

    • Neuropsychological Evaluation

      Focuses on how your child’s brain function impacts behavior and learning. Tests for limitations in attention, memory, abstract thinking, executive function or social cognition.

    • Psychiatric Evaluation

      Based on behaviors related to physical, genetic, environmental, social, cognitive, emotional and educational factors.

    • Autism / Developmental Evaluation

      If your child is showing signs of developmental delays or autism, understand that early intervention gives your child a better chance at long-term success.

    • Multidisciplinary Evaluation

      A collaboration of experts from various disciplines for a more comprehensive look into your child’s learning and behavior.

    • Glen Elliott ADHD Clinic

      Offering all the services needed to understand, manage and remedy ADHD and attention issues in kids, teens and young adults.

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    • IQ / Intelligence Testing

      Measures thinking and problem-solving skills to show a child’s intellectual potential. Some private schools may require IQ test results for admissions.

    • Speech & Language Evaluation

      Looks at a child’s developing communication skills to see if speech and/or language are on track or if there are delays that need to be addressed.

    • Occupational Therapy Evaluation

      Assesses gross motor skills and development, fine motor skills and handwriting and sensory processing.

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Is there anything scarier than when something is wrong with your child and you don’t know what to do? CHC not only provided us with a diagnosis but also a customized treatment plan with a team that really knows my child... I literally don’t know where we’d be without CHC.
—CHC Parent