Back to School: Creating Your Student Intro One-Sheet

August 23, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Starting the school year off right with positive, concise and proactive home to school communication.

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"*This workshop focuses on parents of K-8 students - however we will do our best to answer questions for older students as well

Research has shown that the majority of educators and caregivers of students with complex learning needs desire effective and meaningful communication with one another and that students benefit most when parents and teachers work together to support them. However, with the ever increasing demands on the time and energy of teachers and parents alike, it is important to consider how we can communicate valuable information about our child to their new teachers in a way that is positive, proactive and efficient.

A Student Intro One Sheet is a concise, easy to read, and useful “cheat sheet” distributed at the start of the school year that supports teacher understanding of the student and their unique needs before challenges arise in the classroom. The practice of sharing this vital information in an honest, informative, and respectful manner acknowledges your child’s teacher as a professional, opens a channel of communication and enables greater understanding of the student from day one.

In this workshop we will consider the goals and benefits of creating a student one sheet, the do’s and don’t of an effective document, and when and how to support student self-advocacy by involving the student in the process of writing and distributing their own one sheet. Participants will be provided with a one sheet template and begin the process of creating their own Student Intro One Sheet to share with their child’s teacher at the start of the new school year."


"Kimberlee Joseph is a 2e advocate, parent coach, and writer whose primary focus lies in supporting the parents and caregivers of Twice-Exceptional learners as they navigate their child’s educational path be it public, private or homeschool. She holds an M.Ed. in Cognitive Diversity in Education and was among the first to receive a graduate certificate in Twice-Exceptional Education, a first of its kind course of study, at Bridges Graduate School."


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