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Executive Functioning — it has a lot of syllables, but what is it? Basically, it’s the part of the brain that helps you organize, prioritize and focus. Whether you’ve just started hearing about EF or know your child or teen needs help with it, you have choices. Explore below to see what works for you.


The Clinic offers both complementary 30-minute consultations, as well as full executive functioning workups.


EF Intensives

For parents. A three-part series to help you understand and demystify executive functioning and learn practical ways to work with your kids.


Executive Functioning Classes

Check out our sessions for parents and educators.

No events scheduled at this time.

Executive Functioning Resources

Visit our online Resource Library 24/7 for a rich collection of curated resources on EF. The library contains articles, videos and presentations on many topics in an easy-to-search format.


CHC's EdRev

Held annually, CHC’s Education Revolution Expo brings together over 2000 kids and families to celebrate differences and learn the latest. A full day of sharing, learning and fun.