Not sure what to expect?

Not to worry. Reaching out for an appointment is the first step (and it’s a big one). We want to understand your child and what’s going on. So, on your first visit, we’ll ask for information on all aspects of your child’s life, including family, school, peers, developmental history and more. We’ll ask about the issues that led you to CHC, what you’ve tried and where things currently stand. At the end of the visit, the specialist will advise you on next steps, which may include one of our services, recommendations for home or school or simple reassurance that you’re already on the right track.

How to prepare for your first visit:

What to collect for your first appointment

Collect prior assessments and available records – any prior evaluation reports, progress reports, discharge summaries from therapy, school documents (report cards, progress notes from teachers, examples of work), school district evaluation reports, IEP documents, relevant medical information and anything else you think would be pertinent.

Gather input from additional people in your child’s life (such as teachers, coaches, therapists, educational specialists, clinical treatment providers) about your child’s functioning. This could be informal (a brief chat) or by requesting a meeting or written note.

Empower yourself

Consider individual therapy for yourself as a parent/caregiver; overwhelmed parents may find support and help in therapy. As a parent, you may be the agent of change for your family and you need a safe space to process, too.

Join a parent support group

Join a support group for families facing similar issues. Knowing you are not alone makes a huge difference. Plus, you’ll learn tips from other parents and caregivers who are on the journey alongside you. CHC offers groups for parents of children and teens with ADHD, Learning Differences or Anxiety & Depression. Learn more about CHC’s groups here.

Learn everything you can

View CHC’s Community Education calendar and plan to attend an event to build your own understanding regarding your child.

The CHC Resource Library offers online, anytime access to the best resources about learning differences, ADHD, autism, anxiety and depression. Visit the Resource Library and gain greater insight to your child’s thought processes, emotions and behavior. Recordings of Community Ed sessions are posted here, as well.

How to prepare your child for the first visit:

Kid-friendly language to prepare your child

We have an appointment to find out how you learn, what your strengths are, and what might be getting in the way of…

We are going to see a therapist/counselor/support person so you can have a safe and special place where you can talk about your worries and your feelings.

We are going to meet with an adult you can talk to that’s not us because we realize that you might not feel comfortable or want to talk about some things with us.

We are going to therapy because _______ happened in our family.

Resources you can share with your child or teen

CHC’s EdRev Resource Library has online resources for teens supporting the 1 in 5 with learning and attention differences, often compounded by anxiety and depression, available here.

Teen Wellness Committee is CHC’s teen advocacy group. Members are high school students. TWC takes applications in the summer and host events all year long. Connect on instagram and attend a TWC panel!

Understanding costs:

Explore payment options and insurance

CHC is an out-of-network provider. We have a Client Billing Team that will support you in working with your insurance provider and will be happy to provide you with all the information we can. Read more.

Apply for financial assistance

At CHC, it is very important to us that your family receives needed services. If you are worried about costs, please consider applying for financial aid. We are grateful to many generous donors who support CHC and we are proud to pass that support on to you. 

You Care Coordinator can help you with the application process at any time – whether you’re waiting for your first appointment, or had a change in your family’s situation, or are adding/changing services – we are here for you. Download the application form.


Save time by downloading and completing your forms in advance.


Contact a Care Coordinator today and schedule and appointment. They will listen to your concerns and match you with the best specialist for your child.


Crisis Resources

Can’t wait until your appointment? Please refer to these 24/7 crisis lines for immediate help.

My heart literally goes out to everyone who is visiting CHC for the first time. I’ve been there, and I want you to know there is hope.
— CHC Parent