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Are your child’s difficulties in school caused by learning disabilities, attention deficits, anxiety or a combination?   Is it autism or could it be a typical delay in maturation?  Or is it something else?  The problems children and teens face are often an interplay of several issues that accumulate and interfere with your child’s success at school, at home and with his peers.

Take, for instance, a child who struggled somewhat with reading and speech in preschool, but managed to get along.  But by second grade, his problems have grown.  He’s reading below grade level, has trouble paying attention in class and has become withdrawn.  What is at the core of the problem?

An evaluation helps you better understand your child compared to other kids his age.  Evaluating both strengths and weaknesses, you’ll receive recommendations that will give your child the best opportunity for success. 

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Quick, Convenient 1-Day Evaluations

One-day, multiple-discipline evaluations are available for concerns related to autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression, inattention, ADHD and learning challenges.   

At the end of the one-day evaluation, you will receive a verbal report of the results along with a clear action plan.  A written report for one-day evaluations will follow within approximately seven days. 

If a home or school evaluation is also needed, we will schedule it separately.