First Appointment

All evaluations including one-day evaluations begin with a first appointment to plan the evaluation.  You and the specialist will:

  • Clarify concerns to be explored in an evaluation and establish priorities.
  • Determine the best format for the child to receive evaluation (one-day or over the course of several days).
  • Identify which disciplines need to be involved in an evaluation.
  • Consider whether or not a school or home observation is also needed.
  • Discuss how to prepare your child for getting an evaluation.

Preparation for Day of Evaluation


  • Each professional meets separately with your child and makes every effort to put your child at ease.
  • When appropriate, you may be able to observe your child during the evaluation through a one-way mirror.
  • With access to hundreds of testing instruments, we determine the appropriate testing for your child based on your questions and priorities.
  • After completing the evaluation with your child, the evaluating team of specialists meets to share their findings and make recommendations.
  • The evaluation team leader meets with you to discuss findings, diagnosis ( if appropriate) and to present the team’s recommendations.
  • A written report will follow within seven days.