Screenings are brief evaluations designed  to answer specific, narrow questions. Screenings include: 

Autism Screening for Children Under Age 3

The number of children with a diagnosis of autism continues to increase. Current estimates are that 1 in 110 children have an autism spectrum disorder. Many parents report that their child with an autism spectrum disorder was exhibiting difficulties prior to the age of two, but was not diagnosed until two to three years after concerning behaviors emerged.

Indeed, clinicians are cautious about giving an autism diagnosis before age 3. Screening tools, however, can be reliably used to identify children at risk as young as 18 months of age and provide strategies to help.

If you know your child is at risk, you can address concerns immediately instead of waiting. Research shows that children who receive intervention before age three have a much more positive developmental trajectory compared to children who begin intervention at age five (Rogers & Vismara, 2008). If your child shows significant risk factors, we will recommend a plan.

Screenings are conducted by a psychologist and a speech-language pathologist.

Screenings are completed within four hours and include an initial parent meeting, evaluation, a parent conference to deliver results and recommendations and a brief written report.

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