Overall Agency Goals 

  • Serve More Families–increase the number of families directly impacted by 6%, indirectly impacted by 16% and combined by 14%
  • Increase Staff Appreciation by 5% to 10%
  • Increase Financial Aid by 60%
  • Grow our endowment so we can sustain our programs indefinitely

Each of our five divisions measures both impact (client satisfaction and experience) and effectiveness outcomes (objective data based on test results) separately. Here are the outcomes for the individual divisions.

The Center Effectiveness Outcomes

  • 85% of families will report being satisfied with evaluation services
  • 90% of families will report being satisfied with the evaluation process
  • 95% of families will report overall satisfaction with parent consultation services

Sand Hill School Effectiveness Outcomes

  • 70% of students will meet math goals
  • 70% of students will meet reading goals
  • 70% of students will show an increase in executive function skills
  • 70% of students will show an increase in social emotional skills
  • 80% of families will rate the Sand Hill experience as agree or strongly agree on the parent satisfaction survey

Esther B. Clark School Effectiveness Outcomes

  • 75% of students with anxiety or depression will exhibit reduced symptoms
  • 75% of students with ADHD will show improved self-regulation/self-management skills
  • 75% of students with Identified Learning Challenges requiring Intensive Instructional Services will show accelerated rates of progress
  • 75% of students will exhibit improved functioning skills as reported on CAFAS
  • 75% of students will show improved self-awareness and social awareness skills as reflected by self-report
  • 75% of families will report improved behavior, decision-making and self-regulation skills in their child attending EBC as reported on parent satisfaction survey

Community Clinic Effectiveness Outcomes 

  • >90% of clients will be “very satisfied” or “satisfied with services
  • Post-treatment, parents will indicate their level of confidence:
  • 80% in living situation (1% gain)
  • 90% their child is engaging in productive activities (2% gain)
  • 70% their child is achieving (1% gain)
  • 90% managing their child’s behavior (1% gain)
  • 70% their child’s social functioning (1% gain)

Parent and Teacher Education Effectiveness Outcomes

  • Satisfaction rate of 90% or greater for parent education
  • Satisfaction rate of 90% or above for teacher education