July 8-13 Is National Summer Learning Week!

July 10, 2019, News

Children can lose up to two months of essential math and reading skills during the summer months. Fortunately, there is plenty that families and caregivers can do to support learning during the summer!

Led by the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), National Summer Learning Week elevates the importance of keeping all kids learning, healthy and safe every summer—ensuring they thrive in the school year ahead.  This year, each day will focus on a new theme: STEM, Arts, College & Career Readiness, Literacy, and Nutrition and Wellness.

How Families Can Participate

Explore the five unique theme days— Discovery Day, Masterpiece Day, Future Leaders Day, Bookworm Day, and Winning at Wellness Day— each with a set of fun, free learning resources.

Be sure to check out these resources and tips to support learning fun, including summer reading lists, physical activities and nutrition tips, summer learning events and programs, and more to get your child ready for the next school year.

More information is available on the National Summer Learning Week home page.

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