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The stigma of seeking help for emotional, developmental or learning problems can sometimes be the biggest barrier to getting help for your child.

Common reasons parents are reluctant to seek help include:

“I don’t want my kid to think something is wrong with him.”
“Won’t he eventually learn these things on his own?”
“Her father has ADHD & dylexia, but he’s never gotten therapy.”
“Labeling my child will give him an excuse to be a victim and not try.”
“I don’t like the idea of my child talking to others about our family and marriage.”
“His father won’t agree to counseling.”
“Aren’t these things I should be able to help my kid with?”
“What if it’s my fault and it’s something I’m doing? What if I can’t change it?”
“Will I lose control?”
“How much will this cost me?”
“He’s gotten better recently.”

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs you may ever have, and all of these concerns are valid.  And some children need more than a parent is equipped to offer.  Often it is much easier for a child or teen to work through problems with someone who isn’t their parent, teacher or friend (even when they initially resist the idea).

While some kids find ways to get through problems on their own, many do not and are prone to live their lives in a limited way or make poor choices as they struggle to cope.  Everything we do at Children’s Health Council is designed to help the child and family alleviate their struggles to live a full life.  Often the whole family benefits from what the child is learning.

It takes courage to ask for help.  Talk to someone about what prevents you from reaching out for help.  Ask questions, state your concerns and as you listen, evaluate whether or not getting help is the right step for your family.

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