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Our Approach

Kids are complex, but solutions don’t have to be.

For some kids, brief therapy or specialized tutoring with one professional is enough to give them a boost on the right track.  For other kids who experience multiple problems (e.g., learning disabilities, ADHD and sensory integration disorders), multiple specialists are needed to make progress.  Our approach is designed to flex based on the amount of support your child needs.

CHC is the only place in the Bay Area that gives you access to nine types of specialists under one roof.  You may never need services from multiple professionals.  But if you do, coming to CHC ensures that you’ll have what you need from specialists who can coordinate on your behalf.

Individualized Care

Our care is based on understanding your child and determining the plan that works best for your family.  Not all methods work for all children.  By better understanding your child’s strengths and interests, we will help him find creative ways to learn new skills and work through his challenges.

We also turn to the people who know your child best (his parents, caregivers, teachers and coaches) to get a well-rounded picture of who he is.

Evidence-Based Care

CHC uses proven assessment, therapeutic and educational strategies supported by scientific evidence to to help your child.  As part of our commitment to evidence-based care, we define clear, measurable goals for success at the start of our work with your family and regularly track your child’s progress.

Integrated Care = Better Results

Understanding how one or two problems can affect your child in multiple areas of daily life is critical to providing you with excellent integrated care.  If your child has trouble with reading, for example, it may be causing anxiety and negatively impacting his social interactions.  Instead of providing tutoring in isolation for a reading problem, we offer coordinated care with specialists from different disciplines to work on both reading and social anxiety.

CHC specialists have a unique depth of understanding about professionals outside of their own discipline.  Working with a CHC specialist gives you access not only to the person you’re working with but also to a team of professionals who can unlock the right combination of support if or when your child needs more.  We save you the time and energy needed to ensure that each specialist working with your child understands, integrates and builds upon the work of other professionals.

Parent Partnership

We are only as successful as our family partnerships.  We encourage you to communicate what you’re learning at home and tell us what you’ve tried and how it’s working.  Be willing to try new things.  If you’re not immediately successful with a new strategy, tell us what went wrong–we’ll help you modify it or break it down into smaller, more manageable steps.   For some visits, you may be encouraged to either sit in the room with your child or watch from behind a one-way mirror to observe the strategies being modeled so that you can use them at home.

Your child’s progress is markedly improved when there is a partnership of open communication and collaboration between you and the specialists working with your child.  Our goal is to help you find strategies that you can use every day of the week to reduce stress and maximize progress.