Support & Services in San Mateo County

With strong support from a committed group of mission-minded donors, CHC launched the Ravenswood initiative in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park in 2014 to remove barriers to success for under-resourced youth and families, regardless of learning style, cost, language or location.

We offer bilingual, culturally-relevant mental health and education support, filling unmet needs in the Ravenswood community. The highly-effective, needs-based service model provides on-the-ground bilingual parent education and consultations, teacher professional development, clinical evaluation for learning and mental health concerns, and individual and family therapy.

For more information, please contact Divier Wallace, CHC Mental Health Consultant

Ernesto graduates despite his fears!

Ernesto* has learned valuable coping skills and we developed a self-care plan. A few weeks ago when his anxiety was getting the best of him, he used these tools. It has taken time, but Ernesto is beginning to truly believe that he is deserving of graduating high school, attending college, and pursuing his dream of owning his own business one day. Ernesto’s feelings of fear and inferiority stem from paving the path for his entire family, as he is the first to graduate high school and be accepted into college, while identifying as an immigrant and a DACA recipient. At the forefront, people may see him as the kid from East Palo Alto with academic deficiencies and anxiety. What I saw was a brave young man, filled with optimism and a gentle soul.

Ernesto personally invited me to attend his high school graduation on May 24. And I am pleased to share that Ernesto—the youth who at one point viewed himself as not smart enough, anxious, and culturally trying to process two worlds—was accepted to six out of the eleven universities that he applied to. I am so proud of him.

— Ravenswood clinician

Program Partners

We partner with these community organizations to lift social, emotional and developmental barriers to learning and life success.