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Entertainment Holiday Pack for a Growth Mindset [downloadable]

Movies offer our children an engaging way to learn about important principles.

Big Life Journal’s Entertainment Holiday Pack, has family movie suggestions that will allow your child to witness stories of perseverance, personal growth, kindness, compassion, and friendship. Read more »

Surgeon General Warns of Youth Mental Health Crisis

The United States surgeon general on Tuesday warned that young people are facing “devastating” mental health effects as a result of the challenges experienced by their generation, including the coronavirus pandemic. Read more »

In a San Francisco High School, the Scars of Remote Schooling Linger

The damage wrought by over 18 months away from classrooms lingers at Burton, a high-poverty school in a high-wealth city, overlooking the whole of San Francisco from a hilly peak in the southeast corner of the city. Burton — the students who rely on it and the teachers who power it — is a study both in joy and in enduring trauma, a place where everything seems normal, but nothing is quite as it should be. Read more »

How to Cope with SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder

When Dr. Norman Rosenthal moved to the U.S. from South Africa, he felt less energetic during the harsh winters. He noticed that other people felt the same way. He studied the problem, published the first research on the syndrome and coined its name: seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

With winter just around the corner, here’s why you may feel this way — and simple ways to feel better. Read more »

Kids and Anxiety: What’s Normal and When to Seek Help

The first day of school. The first time at the pool. A surprise meeting with a gigantic dog.

Plenty of situations make kids feel nervous and uncomfortable. But how do parents know when a child is suffering from anxiety that requires professional attention? Here’s how to tell the difference and get your child the care he needs. Read more »

How Does Limited Socialization Affect Young Kids?

Young children crave attention. They learn from their peers. They thrive on interactions that help them grow. So what happens when a pandemic puts socialization on the back burner? In short, they adapt — but the long-term impact is still unknown.
Read more »

What Does Childhood Anxiety Look Like? Probably Not What You Think.

One of the difficult parts of getting help for children suffering from anxiety is that anxiety often presents as a constellation of negative behaviors. Parents and educators are quick to spot the behavior problem, but they don’t always see the underlying anxiety that drives it. Read more »

6 Types of Anxiety that Can Affect Children

There are many types of anxiety disorders, but the following are the disorders most common anxiety disorders experienced by children. Read more »

What You Can Expect When Vaccines Become Available for Kids Under 5

Dr. Francis Collins is director of the National Institutes of Health and spoke with NPR’s All Things Considered about the timeline for emergency use authorization of the vaccine for kids under 5, and the ongoing efforts to immunize those aged 5 to 11. Read more »

A Parent’s Journey: A Child With ADHD

In this Voices of Compassion episode, we talk candidly about what parenting a child with ADHD is really like — the challenges, joys, worries and wonder. Hear from Lauren Sims, the mom of a child with ADHD, as she shares her real-life personal journey filled with encouragement, empathy and strategies to set your child up for success. Read more »

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