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Mental Health Screening

Regular screenings in primary care and other healthcare settings enables earlier identification of mental health and substance use disorders, which translates into earlier care. Screenings should be provided to people of all ages. Read more »

Making the Most of the Holiday Season

Stress and holidays seem to go hand-in-hand. Your busy schedule becomes even busier with preparations and celebrations.

This may be a good time to try to reframe your thinking about the holidays. Instead of dreading the likely stress ahead, you can view the holidays as an opportunity to enhance your psychological well-being. There are a number of helpful steps you can take to lessen holiday stress and feel more optimistic about the season. Read more »

Is Depression Caused by a ‘Chemical Imbalance’?

This implication that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance may by gospel in the popular zeitgeist, but it’s not really true. In more recent years, we’ve started to move away from minimizing depression to a single chemical imbalance cause, acknowledging mental health is much more complex. Yet the chemical imbalance theory of depression still lingers, enough that it’s worth revisiting. Read more »

Tips for Parents on Managing Holiday Stress

For many of us, the holiday season can bring an increased sense of family responsibility and, along with it, additional feelings of stress. Advertisements about the joys of the season can seem lost on us as we scurry around trying to do even more than usual. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Read more »

One in Four Children ‘Have Problematic Smartphone Use’

The amount of time children and teens spend using their devices has become an issue of growing concern, but experts say there is still little evidence as to whether spending time on screens is harmful in itself.

The experts behind the latest study said they wanted to look beyond the time young people were spending on smartphones and instead explore the type of relationship they had with such devices. Read more »

Is My Child Depressed or Just Moody? [presentation] [video]

One minute your teen is laughing and happy and the next they are slamming their bedroom door and seem to be mad at the world. How do you know when your teen is just moody or depressed or even anxious? Attend this parent ed session to learn more about what to look for and how to respond to your teen. Read more »

Parent Resources About Effective Mental Health Care for Children [web resource] [video]

Are you worried about your child’s behavior or feelings? Would you like to know the treatment options for your child? The Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP) website has videos of interviews with experts who discuss issues that are particularly important to parents/caregivers. Read more »

Connecting Students to Mental Health Care Through Telehealth Technology

Approximately 1 in 6 school-age children experience a mental health disorder each year, and experts estimate up to 60% of students do not receive the care they need to address these challenges. Of the students who receive mental health care, many access those services at school.

But, access to services is by no means guaranteed, as ongoing workforce concerns and an unequal distribution of behavioral health providers across the country further complicate matters. Read more »

Teach Kindness: A 4-Week Challenge to Strengthen School Communities [web resource] [downloadable]

Kindness is more than just “being nice” – it’s a skill. Like other skills, it can and should be taught, reinforced, and celebrated. Kind schools are more effective at helping students succeed, both in school and in life. At schools where educators intentionally teach, foster, and celebrate kindness, students feel a greater sense of safety, support, and acceptance.

Teach Kindness is an easy and no cost way to foster kindness and improve school climate in grades K-8.  Read more »

Study Finds Children Log Excessive Screen-Time

A study conducted by the University at Albany, the National Institutes of Health and New York University Langone Medical Center found that the average time children spend in front of screens greatly exceeds recommendations from the American Pediatric Academy. Read more »

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