Anxiety in Teens [web resource]

Founded in 2006, Anxiety In Teens is a non-profit whose mission is to equip young adults with tools and community to advance emotional wellness.  The Anxiety In Teens website is the place where teens, college students, and parents can find all things millennial and Gen Z mental health. Anxiety In Teens’ content is for youth and by youth. 

The articles, videos and interviews  serve as encouragement to support teens on their path to mental wellness.

Articles cover topics such as dating with a mental health disorder, managing college application anxiety, living with OCD, understanding panic attacks, parenting a teen with anxiety, the relationship between anxiety and substance abuse, and much more.

Site content is organized into broad categories:


Or, readers can search for content by topic or type— for example, anger management, AIT-exclusive interviews, body image, therapy, mindfulness, etc.

Parents can also register for an Anxiety In Teens parent membership for access to free resources that let them better support their teen.

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