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Anxiety Canada [web resource] [downloadable]

Anxiety Canada provides information to help understand anxiety in children, teens, and adults and practical tips, resources, and self-help tools to help manage anxiety.

Does My Child Have an Anxiety Disorder?

How do you, the parent or caregiver, know when the signs of anxiety you are seeing in your child might be significant enough to qualify for an anxiety disorder?  The following articles are a good place to start learning more about anxiety:

Anxiety 101: What you (and your child!) need to know about anxiety

The ABC’s of anxiety: Understanding how anxiety works

When anxiety becomes a problem: What’s normal and what’s not

Anxiety in Teens

Anxiety can have a profound affect on youth and teens. This self-assessment, Is Anxiety a Problem for Me? can provide teens some perspective into the thought patterns and behavior that might indicate that anxiety is interfering with the happiness and well being.

Teens might also want to check out downloadable audio files on calm breathingmindful body scansvisualizations, and more.

Educator Resources

This section is designed to assist educators in becoming more knowledgeable about how anxiety presents in students in a school setting. Articles for educators cover a variety of anxiety disorders and explain how they may affect students.

Don’t miss the free, downloadable guide: Coping Strategies for Supporting Students. This resources contains activities to help students feel better prepared to cope mentally and emotionally with stress at school as well as develop coping skills that will serve them well in life.

Video Resources

Anxiety Canada also has a video library to supplement your learning about anxiety.

The videos are in several formats, including animation and live action, as well as formal interviews and personal stories.  Among these personal stories is series of videos hearing from youth about their real situations dealing with specific anxieties.

Source: Anxiety Canada | Learn About Anxiety, https://anxietycanada.com/learn-about-anxiety | Accessed June 2019

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