Back-to-School Blues 2: How to Empower Your Kids (to Control Their Own Distance Learning Destiny)

written by Liza Bennigson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Theme two in our Back-to-School Blues series, how to empower your kids (to control their own distance learning destiny), tackles a concept that requires a bit of patience on the front-end for benefits that will last a lifetime.

The goal of the “Back-to-School Blues” series is to help ease this bizarre transition for the whole family, with actionable tips from CHC clinicians that you can implement immediately to bring a little calm to the daily chaos. Previously, we talked about how to set up your “homeschool” (for success).

Today’s tips come from Valerie Stephens, Sand Hill School Reading and Literature Teacher and Liza Bennigson, CHC’s Associate Director of Marketing and Communications.

Tips to empower your kids to control their own distance learning destiny

  • Include older siblings in orientation activities and mentoring opportunities for younger students.
  • Provide your child with manageable tasks that will help them develop organizational skills and responsibility.
  • Support your child(ren)’s efforts to become more independent and reliable as remote learners. Encourage and assist your child as they navigate new technology platforms and approach failure as a necessary part of learning and growing.
  • Become knowledgeable about the technology needs and concerns of your child (e.g., rules and expectations, online schedules, remote learning procedures) so you can help facilitate issues before frustrations escalate.
  • Consider purchasing an alarm clock, smart watch or Alexa so kids can set their own alarms, timers and reminders.
  • Give your kids chores and responsibilities at home. We are all in this together and every member of the household plays an important role in keeping things running smoothly. (Chores also help build executive functioning skills, self-reliance, life skills, confidence, empathy, motor skills and self-efficacy).

Also, this is hard. It’s OK to have good days and bad days. But be alert to signs of depression or anxiety in yourself or your child and seek help as needed. You are not alone! (Literally. Ever.)

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