CHC Community Education Sessions

Nuestro Bienestar/Our Well-being [video] [presentation]

Cynthia Martinez, M.A., terapeuta de salud mental bilingue para CHC, apoyo a niños, adolescentes y familias para normalizar las necesidades de salud mental y apoyo en el proceso de pérdida, trauma, depresión y ansiedad. En esta presentación, ella discute el bienestar mental en la comunidad hispana y las formas en que podemos apoyar a nuestra juventud. Read more ›

Fostering Teen Mental Health and Well-Being [video]

Adolescence is a time of emerging independence, growth, and vulnerability.  Adolescents are also faced with an array of risk factors that can impede their progress and shape their journey.

In this community education presentation, CHC’s Pardis Khosravi, Psy.D., talks about adolescent development, influences, stressors, and  how parents and caregivers can support them on their journey and nurture resilience. Read more ›

Parent Burnout [video][presentation]

In this community education presentation, CHC’s Cassandra Sanchez, PsyD, discusses parent burnout— what it is, the signs to watch for, contributing factors, why it’s important to address these feelings, and what you can do about it.

The material is presented in English and Spanish. Read more ›

Gender and Sexuality for the Modern Parent [presentation] [video]

Still stuck in the dinosaur age when thinking and talking about gender, sexuality and identity? Much has changed in our understanding of these concepts. Learn how you can be an ally and advocate for all youth as they navigate their path towards self-identity and independence. Read more ›

A Father & Son Conversation: Growing Up with ADHD [video]

Hear from the perspective of a personal narrative what it “really” means to live with ADHD. Glen Elliott, PhD, MD, and his son, Mark Elliott, MD, psychiatrist, talk about their personal experience with ADHD and the different types of ADHD, ADHD symptoms, the connection between ADHD and executive functioning, treatment options and more. Read more ›

Ask an Expert: Coping With Tension in the Family [video]

They are the people you love most in the world, but living 24/7 under one roof with your family is stressful and tension filled. Even small things that never bothered you are major irritants now. And now you have the added tension of re-entry – with different family members having different ideas about what that should look like. How do you as a parent navigate all of this and support your family? Read more ›

Ask an Expert: Teaching Self-Compassion to Kids [video]

Research indicates that self-compassion is associated with greater emotional resilience, higher self-confidence, more caring behavior, and less reactive anger. Read more ›

Ask an Expert: Returning to School [presentation] [video]

We are excited about the possibility of our kids returning to school, yet understandably concerned about what that re-entry looks like. In this live Ask an Expert session, we are having a conversation with Chris Harris MEd, Chief Schools Officer at CHC. Read more ›

Executive Functioning: What It Is and How to Help [presentation]

In this presentation, neuropsychologist Jennifer Rosenthal, PhD, and CHC education specialist Ann Lyke, MEd, discuss Executive Functioning: what it is, what executive functioning skills look like in the classroom, and why many children are facing additional challenges with executive functioning during the pandemic. Read more ›

Autism & Social Skills [presentation] [video]

We are rarely taught explicit social rules because we are just expected to figure them out. It’s quite complicated and many children on the autism spectrum struggle to navigate their social worlds. In this presentation, learn how to help your child participate in groups at school and adhere to the social expectations in different environments. Read more ›

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