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Partly Hidden By Isolation, Many of the Nation’s Schoolchildren Struggle With Mental Health

More than 10 months into the pandemic, mental health is a simmering crisis for many of the nation’s schoolchildren, partly hidden by isolation but increasingly evident in the distress of parents, the worries of counselors and an early body of research. Read more ›

Expanding School Year in New Ways May Be One Outcome of Pandemic in California

Expanded summer school for K-12 students may be one positive outcome of the pandemic that has contributed to varying levels of learning loss among students across the state. Read more ›

U.S. Department of Education Features Esther B. Clark Parent’s Back-to-School Testimonial

As schools across the nation are exploring options to safely open their doors to in-person instruction, the U.S. Department of Education has gathered success stories in which parents, students, teachers, school officials, and other community members share their practices, strategies and positive experiences returning students to learning.

Kendra Demler, the parent of a student at CHC’s Esther B. Clark School, contributed “That Mom of That Kid Saved by That School,” in which she relates how her son has benefited from his transition back to the structure and emotional and behavorial supports Esther B. Clark School provides. Read more ›

More Changes Proposed for California’s Ethnic Studies Curriculum to Strengthen ‘Balance’

The California Department of Education is recommending dozens of wording changes and additional lesson plans about Pacific Islander, Japanese and Korean Americans and other ethnic groups to its proposed model ethnic studies curriculum. Read more ›

CHC Launches Voices of Compassion Podcast Series

2020 brought us COVID-19 in March and then sheltering in place. And then, we layered on school closure and distance learning. On top of that, we’ve experienced social unrest regarding race and tens of thousands of people evacuated due to wildfires. How much more can we take?

Enter CHC’s new podcast series, Voices of Compassion. Read more ›

Coronavirus: The Possible Long-Term Mental Health Impacts

Covid-19 has increased anxiety for many of us, and experts warn a sizable minority could be left with mental health problems that outlast the pandemic. Read more ›

U.S. Department of Education Features Esther B. Clark Schools’ Back-to-School Success Story

The U.S. Department of Education has collected and published best practices and successful strategies employed by schools all over the country as they return America’s students to learning.

Jody Miller, Head of CHC’s Esther B. Clark Schools, contributed “How We Brought the Most Vulnerable Students Back to School,” in which she describes how she and her staff successfully transitioned EBC Schools’ students back to in-person learning this fall. Read more ›

CDC Redefines COVID-19 Close Contact, Adds Brief Encounters

On October 21, U.S. health officials redefined what counts as close contact with someone with COVID-19 to include briefer but repeated encounters. Read more ›

Even When the Smoke Clears, Schools Find Student Trauma Can Linger

For some students, the fire is only the beginning. The nightmares, the grief and an all-consuming dread can persist for months or even years.

That’s what teachers and school employees have observed among students in California’s fire-ravaged areas, especially Sonoma and Butte counties, where deadly wildfires have struck repeatedly in recent years. Read more ›

Teens’ Social Media Use is Up During Pandemic, and So Is Their Parents’ Concern

Parents weigh in on their kids and social media. Turns out, there’s widespread worry.

That’s according to new survey results from Lurie Children’s Hospital. With remote learning and social distancing in place during the pandemic, social media use is up. That’s no surprise, but some of the statistics are. Read more ›

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