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Boys Need Better Access to Mental Health Care. Why Aren’t They Getting It?

depression340Mental health has become a crisis among America’s youth, and experts say the unique challenges and needs of young men are not receiving enough attention. Read more ›


Should Childhood Trauma Be Treated As A Public Health Crisis?

childhoodtrauma327A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows how the effects of childhood trauma persist and are linked to mental illness and addiction in adulthood. And, researchers say, it suggests that it might be more effective to approach trauma as a public health crisis than to limit treatment to individuals. Read more ›

autism boy324

Autism Prevalence Now 1 in 40 US Kids, Study Estimates

autism boy324A survey of parents across the United States estimates that one in 40 children has autism spectrum disorder, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. Read more ›


Do We Need an Antidote to Perfectionism?

perfectionism312According to a spate of recent reports, perfectionism is on the rise, especially among young people. This is a very bad thing – perfectionism is linked to anxiety, depression and many other problems – but the silver lining is that we’re no longer talking as if it were something to be proud of. Read more ›


Obesity May Harm Kids’ Academics, Coping Skills

obesitystudy311Obese kids may have extra difficulty with schoolwork and coping under stress, a preliminary study suggests. Read more ›

airpollution autism310

Prenatal Exposure to Air Pollution Linked to Autism Risk, Study Says

airpollution autism310Prenatal exposure to ambient air pollution was associated with an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder, a new study finds. Pregnant women in Vancouver who were exposed to the highest level of environmental nitric oxide, an airborne, traffic-related pollutant, were more likely to give birth to children later diagnosed with autism, the researchers say. Read more ›


Transgender Suicide: How This LGBT Person Copes with Suicidal Thoughts

lgbtqq308When Shear Avory was a child, they’d look out the window and hope. For the bullying to stop. For conversion therapy to end. For Mom.

“I was constantly in a space of being unaccepted, unwelcomed and put down,” said Avory, who identifies as transgender and uses the personal identity pronouns they/them/theirs. “I think from those experiences, I’ve always held on to hope. … I had nothing else to rely on.” Read more ›


If You’ve Ever Had Suicidal Thoughts, Make a Safety Plan [video]

suicidesafetyplan307If you could write something down that might one day save your life, would you?

A study published in JAMA Psychiatry in September found that when patients who visited the emergency department for suicide-related concerns were given a safety plan at discharge as well as follow-up phone calls, it reduced the odds of suicidal behavior by half. Read more ›


Suicide Prevention: Self-Care Tips

selfcare306A common misconception about suicide is that suicidal thoughts are uncommon and suicidal attempts signal that a person cannot be helped. This simply is not true. Read more ›


Many Ways to Be a Girl, but One Way to Be a Boy: The New Gender Rules

female282Girls have been told they can be anything they want to be, and it shows. They are seizing opportunities closed to previous generations — in science, math, sports and leadership.

But they’re also getting another message: What they look like matters more than any of that. Read more ›

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