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Social Emotional Learning

Why the Preteen Years Are a Critical Period for Brain Development

Aside from experiencing physical changes, preteens also undergo a brain growth spurt much like toddlers. Ron Dahl, who directs the Institute for Human Development at the University of California, Berkeley, argues that adolescence is actually a second opportunity to invest in children because of the enormous brain development during this period. Read more ›

Mindfulness Resources for Dealing with COVID-19 [video]

In scary times, anxiety is normal and understandable. It’s important to exercise self care—to center yourself and seek calming influences to manage stress. Mindfulness helps you recognize the moments where you are feeling overwhelmed and regain balance and an improved mental state. Read more ›

9 Tips for Raising More Empathetic Kids

In her book “UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World,” educational psychologist and parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba lays out nine ways to raise kids who are more caring, compassionate, and concerned about others. Read more ›

Positive Parenting: Building Healthy Relationships With Your Kids

Parents have an important job. Raising kids is both rewarding and challenging. You’re likely to get a lot of advice along the way, from doctors, family, friends, and even strangers. But every parent and child is unique. Being sensitive and responsive to your kids can help you build positive, healthy relationships together. Read more ›

Study: Skateboarding Fosters 21st Century, SEL Skills

Partnerships between schools and skateboarding nonprofits, acknowledging the diversity among the skateboarding community, and linking skateboarders to internships and opportunities to use the skills they’ve developed through the sport are among recommendations researchers at the University of Southern California offer in a new report. Read more ›

6 Ways to Become More Resilient Immediately

Even when you’re reeling, you often need to make key decisions or act. But finding the clarity and will to move forward in the face of adversity isn’t easy.

Read more ›

Feeling Anxious? Here’s a Quick Tool To Center Your Soul

We all need strategies to push back against conflict, anger and worry. One of the globe’s leading mindfulness teachers, Tara Brach, distills the practice of mindfulness into a simple 4-step tool from her new book Radical Compassion: Learning to Love Yourself and Your World with the Practice of RAIN. Read more ›

5 Tips for Incorporating Social Emotional Learning in Your Program

Social emotional learning (SEL) addresses children’s ability to learn about and manage their emotions and interactions with others – the skills all kids need to succeed in school, form healthy relationships, and eventually excel in the workplace. Read more ›

SchoolSafety.gov: Resources to Create a Safer School [web resource]

The Federal School Safety Clearinghouse and SchoolSafety.gov were developed to fulfill one of the key recommendations from the Federal Commission on School Safety. Read more ›

As We Grow…Key Developmental Milestones Ages 1-18 [downloadable]

At each age in a child’s life, there are predictable levels of skill to expect. We have outlined the developmental milestones for ages 1 to 18—a checklist you can use as you observe your child growing up, and a guide to use with your pediatrician or your child’s teacher. Read more ›

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