Resources for Young Adults

Family Acceptance Project: LGBTQ Youth and Family Resources [web resource]

Research from the Family Acceptance Project® shows that families play a critical role in contributing to serious health risks & promoting well-being for LGBTQ young people.

Learn about how family behaviors affect your LGBTQ child’s health risks and ways to reduce risk and increase support. Read more ›

County of Santa Clara Launches 988 Phone Number Dedicated to Crisis Mental Health and Substance Use Services [downloadable]

On July 16, 2022, the County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) transitioned to the new national three-digit suicide prevention lifeline number, 988. The new number is a quicker and more direct way to get support in times of need. Callers with 408, 650, and 669 area codes dial 988* to get compassionate support and connection to local crisis service. Read more ›

How to College: 4 Essential Reads for Incoming First-Year Students and Their Parents on Mental Health, Libraries and More

By the time they get through high school, most students are pretty used to transitioning from summer to school time. But starting college brings a whole new set of challenges. First-year college students have to handle additional responsibilities like how much time they’ll spend in class, how to manage the time they devote to their coursework and how to take advantage of campus resources like the library. Read more ›

Talk About Mental Health: For Young People Looking for Help

Mental health problems don’t only affect adults. Children, teens and young adults can have mental health problems, too. In fact, three out of four people with mental health problems showed signs before they were 24 years old. Read more ›

Scarleteen: Sex Ed for the Real World [web resource]

Scarleteen that provides inclusive, comprehensive, and supportive sexuality and relationship information for teens and young adults. Read more ›

Body Doubling Can Be a Total Gamechanger for People Who Struggle With Focus

Body doubling is the practice of actively and intentionally completing tasks in the presence of someone else, and it makes a tangible difference for those who struggle to retain focus. The double doesn’t have to be doing the same task as you, they just need to be present (whether in person or via a livestream screen) and focusing on a project for the same amount of time. Read more ›

Strategies and Life Hacks That Can Help Anyone With ADHD or Attention Problems

For millions of adults throughout the world, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, best known as ADHD, is a persistent disorder that begins in childhood and is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, or a combination thereof.

Complicating the diagnosis is that ADHD often co-occurs with, and is sometimes mistaken for, other health conditions like anxiety or substance abuse. Read more ›

Resources for Transition Age Youth with Disabilities

Transition age youth with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable populations within the foster care system. This population may need additional support as they face unique challenges in their transition to adulthood. There are various types of disabilities, including those that affect a person’s vision, movement, thinking, learning, communication, hearing, mental health, and social relationships. While there are several resources for the disabled community in general, there are multiple programs specifically available for transition age youth with disabilities. Read more ›

Understanding Anxious Feelings

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a feeling of intense worry or uneasiness that we experience when we’re facing something stressful, often a situation with an uncertain outcome. In a concerning situation, feeling a certain amount of anxiety is normal, and can even be helpful – for example, it can help us stay motivated to meet deadlines, or even keep us safe in a scary situation. Read more ›

CHC Recommends — Books About Eating Disorders

Before board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Alexa Wilmarth came to CHC, she worked at a residential eating disorder treatment center for children and adolescents.

Alexa recommends the following books for those who are seeking information and support for disordered eating. Read more ›

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