COVID-19 and Mental Health

Collective trauma is the psychological impact of a cataclysmic event experienced by a group of people of any size, including an entire nation or society. The following infographics detail the profound and far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 & Mental Health — A Collective Trauma

  • 42% of Americans reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in December 2020, 4X the rate of the previous year
  • 11% seriously considered suicide in the 30 days before a June 2020 survey, 2X the rate in 2018
  • 47% of adults have felt very lonely during the pandemic
  • 23% reported drinking more alcohol to cope with stress
  • 67% slept more or less than necessary over the past year

By Race

54% of Blacks, 48% of Hispanics, 45% of Asian, and 44% of Whites feel uncomfortable about living life like they used to before the pandemic

By Generation

46% of Gen Z, 33% of Gen X, 31% of Millennials report their mental health worsens compared with before the pandemic

  • 75% of parents say they could have used more emotional support than they received
  • 32% of parents received treatment from a mental health professional
  • 24% of parents were diagnosed with a mental health disorder since the pandemic started
  • 48% of parents reported their stress level has increased compared with before the pandemic
  • 62% of parents whose children are still home for remote learning said the same
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Psychological Association Stress in America Poll 2021
  • 63% of 18­-24-year-olds reported symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • 74% of school districts reported increased mental health stresses among students
  • 80% of college students reported that COVID 19 had negatively impacted their mental health
  • 151% increase in inpatient visits for suicide suicidal ideations and self-injury for children ages 10-14 in California
  • 2X black youth suicide rate as compared to their White peers

Seven in 10 teens reported experiencing mental health struggles, more than 3X the rate in the previous year: 55% reported anxiety, 43% depression, and 61% experienced increased loneliness

Source: California Children’s Trust, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Harris Poll, CS Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at Michigan Medicine
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