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Facebook’s Bullying Prevention Hub [web resource]

FB bullying preventionBullying can take place anywhere and comes in many different forms. Unfortunately, many young people are, at one time or another, bullied, harassed, or abused on social media platforms. To combat bullying, Facebook created a Bullying Prevention Hub, which is an online resource center with suggestions for teens, parents and educators on how to address bullying — both online and off.

Developed in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the Bullying Prevention Hub is a resource for teens, parents and educators seeking support and help for issues related to bullying and other conflicts. It offers step-by-step plans, including guidance on how to start some important conversations for people being bullied, parents who have had a child being bullied or accused of bullying, and educators who have had students involved with bullying.

The Bullying Prevention Hub includes resources and strategies for teens who have been the target of bullying, who want to help a friend who has been bullied, or who have engaged in bullying, information for parents whose child is being bullied or may be a bully, and tipa and strategies for educators to help them create and implement school policies, promote a positive classroom environment and prevent bullying before it occurs.

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Source: Facebook | Put a Stop to Bullying, https://www.facebook.com/safety/bullying |  © 2018 Facebook

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