Free COVID-19 Behavioral Health Modules [web resource]

Behavioral health involves many aspects of our daily lives. At its core, behavioral health represents our mental health, which includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. These modules are  meant to provide the community with reliable information, tips, and resources for managing behavioral health concerns during (and following) the COVID-19 pandemic.

Modules may contain written passages, videos, podcasts, strategies, and links to additional information.  Start exploring below:

Source: Behavioral Health Bridge | Behavioral Health Bridge, | © 2020 EERC
The Behavioral Health Bridge is powered by a partnership between Sanford Health and the University of North Dakota. The purpose of the Behavioral Health Bridge is to provide information on common behavioral health conditions and launch virtual behavioral health treatments to address the current needs of people in the community.

A screening can help you determine if you or someone you care about should contact a mental health professional. CHC teletherapy services are available now.  Call or email our Care Managers at 650.688.3625 or to set up a free 30-minute consultation appointment.

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